Solon: Are you ready for smarter fitness?

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When I first started coaching, gyms were filled with machines. Kettlebells, bars, plates, suspension training like the TRX and gymnastic rings were almost non-existent.

Fast-forward to today, these are the norm. Most people now understand the difference between a “snatch” and a “clean.” I sometimes wonder what’s next for the fitness industry and whether some changes are merely fads or are here to stay.

Advancements in technology from connectivity to wearables are changing the way fitness is being performed. There are many types of smart fitness home equipment being sold on the market right now ranging from traditional cardio equipment to somewhat more complex artificial intelligence solutions that analyze different physiological variables.

What are the advantages of having a smart home gym?

Take advantage of the latest in fitness technology

For those who love technology and fitness, this is a good way to combine both elements together. There are those who argue that it does not match the experience of having a trainer physically present; however, it does offer a very novel training experience.


I think training and exercise at home offers so much convenience even without Covid-19. The time saved from being in traffic plus the added bonus of comfort is something that appeals to people who like squeezing productivity out of their days. It is motivating to be in a gym with other people, but convenience, comfort and safety also has its own.

Variety of options

For those who like cardio exercises, the most established smart bike is Peloton. Peloton has its own cult-like following for those who love spinning and now can do it in their own homes. Those who like strength training can try out Tonal and Mirror. Both systems have a trainer on display and you can follow along the screens. The technology for apps to assess and correct form (something that needs to be done through a pair of human eyes) is already available; it’s just not out in the market yet.

Are you ready for smart fitness? Smart fitness apps and equipment are viable tools to help people get healthy and in shape. As someone involved in fitness, it is quite fascinating to observe these developments in the industry.

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