Solon: Be resolute

Pio Solon

RESOLUTE is the root word of our favorite New Year’s phrase. It means to be admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering. How many of us break our new year’s health and fitness resolutions after the first three weeks? I am guilty as charged. And that doesn’t sound too purposeful, determined and unwavering as much as the word intended it to be, does it? We fail for a variety of reasons. Being resolute in health and fitness often requires self-discipline, discomfort, delayed gratification and deprivation. We say no to pleasure in exchange for a delayed and better reward for our health.

How do we stay resolute in our health and fitness goals?

Think of the pain of staying the same

Someone wise once told me that change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. Think of our health. How many people do we know are suffering from diseases that are avoidable just by eating better or by moving more?

Think of your family

Think of the burden on your family just by being sick. Being sick not only creates a financial toll but also an emotional one on our family members.

Make it a lifestyle

A lot of well-meaning fitness magazines and websites make it sound easy. The truth is that while it may be easy for some, the initial step is the most difficult. Creating a habit that requires us to move, sweat and preparing healthy food takes a while to get used to. Discipline is what gets us started and making it a habit makes it a lifestyle.

As we indulge this holiday season, my hope is that we do not get too carried away to the demise of our health. Here’s hoping for a healthier 2020 for all of us.