Solon: The trouble with fat

Pio Solon
·2 min read

HAVE you ever seen a book on “how to get fat?” Probably not! Why? Our physiology is excellent at storing fat. Since starvation is real, our body has adapted over thousands of years to be efficient at keeping fat as a fuel source for times when the next meal still needs to be hunted or gathered. This is the reason why losing fat goes against our body’s own biology.

Getting lean is high on our list for the summer. Here are some steps to get you there:


This basically means that you need to restrict your calories to make sure that your body will burn the fat you have stored. You can go on the app myFitnessPal and input your weight, height, age and your goal. From there, the app will advise you on a caloric limit per day. This will mean eating less than what you’re accustomed to.

Strength train

Have you ever seen those people on a diet and yet lose their shape? Strength training coupled with caloric restriction allows the individual to retain muscle mass and have a better shape. You don’t want to be losing fat and have no muscles either.

Be mindful of NEAT

NEAT basically stands for “non-exercise activity thermogenesis.” This is the energy expended for activities that aren’t exercise like yard-work, walking, chores etc. Being on a good diet plan, strength training, and having high levels of NEAT is a surefire way to lose fat.

Some pointers though, the key to losing fat is by doing things gradually. Oftentimes, too many aggressive diets and exercise will result in ourselves losing muscle mass, and/or getting hurt by injuries. A weight loss rate of one, two pounds per week guarantees sound fat loss. Being on too long of a diet, more than 12 weeks, also poses risks as caloric restriction for a longer period of time may affect hormones, make us feel lethargic and affect and disturb sleep and mood.

If you are struggling with a medical condition and want to lose fat, consult your medical doctor for clearance on your exercise and nutrition regimen. For better results, I cannot stress enough to work with an exercise professional and a nutritionist to ensure that both exercise and nutrition plans are sound and safe for you.