Solon: Why good training prevents injuries (Part 2)

Another title could have been “bad training causes injuries.” More often than not, that is really true. When we join fitness or sports, oftentimes the goal is to have fun and exercise, not get hurt. How do we stay robust and healthy?

- Get strong enough for your sport or chosen activity. Too often we get hurt because we’re not at a decent fitness level.

- Practice movements for your sport. So if it’s a sport that require lateral movement, work on agility and strengthen abductors and adductors. If it’s a sport that requires rotation then work on rotation as well.

- Work on flexibility. Flexibility seems to be the most underrated fitness quality. Most people think of strength and endurance as markers of physical capacity but flexibility is essential for maintaining efficient movement.

- Don’t forget endurance. Endurance is the base for fitness. It allows your heart to pump blood and maintain movement whilst overcoming fatigue. The higher your cardiovascular endurance is, the more capable you are from recovering from your workouts.

Good training is really common sense. When we train smart, we maximize our training potential and improve our performance.