Soltana launches ‘Comforts of Christmas’

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A GREEN enclave in the highly urbanized historic city of Lapu-Lapu, Soltana Nature Residences welcomed visitors to its Christmas tree lighting ceremony and special preview of Tower Two on Dec. 5, 2020.

The sprawling 5.7-hectare development by Taft Properties will be a mix of residential towers, commercial and office buildings, central amenities and wide nature spaces when completed.

With units that are bigger than those in typical condominiums, Soltana embodies the "Comforts of Christmas" concept that Taft has launched for the yuletide season.

Taft takes into account the small details that are often overlooked in the grand design but contribute a big part to a great living experience.

Soltana Tower Two, the second of eight residential towers within the development, will be zoned according to the market’s needs. The ground floor will feature commercial facilities.

A sky deck will run through all eight residential towers of Soltana Nature Residences once completed. While 65 percent of the development’s total area will be set aside as open spaces, it will have structures for central amenities as well as a commercial zone and building.