Somebody created a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon droptop

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The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is a vehicle built with one purpose in mind: going fast down a drag strip. Weight is the enemy when it comes to acceleration, and one surefire way to add weight to a car is to make it into a convertible. However, that’s exactly what one Demon owner decided to do to their Challenger.

Motor Authority spotted this Plum Crazy Demon convertible conversion for sale online, and the dealer and builder even spilled a few details on the car itself. This particular conversion was done by Droptop Customs, a shop with experience, having previously converted a couple Challengers into convertibles for Shaq in Miami. However, ripping the roof off the 840-horsepower Demon is no small task. That’s a ridiculous amount of horsepower to handle for a car that has lost a fair amount of structural rigidity from removing the roof.

The Droptop Customs sales manager told MA about the changes that were made to make this build work. To begin, the frame rails were reinforced with 1x2-inch pieces of metal. Then, the shop added diagonally-mounted metal braces underneath to resist twist. Even more structural supports were added to the trunk, front and rear shock towers, and gussets were added to the bottom of each door to keep them from moving. Lastly, the shop boxed the connection of the front rails to the engine cradle. No specifics about weight gain were provided.

There is one sad bit of news about this Demon, though. The dealer told MA that it’s currently on consignment, despite being listed for sale on FCA dealership Cape Coral’s website. It’s priced at an eye-watering $145,995. But the new owner won’t have to manually put down the top! That’s right, it’s powered, and it’s supposed to take about 20 seconds to lower or raise into place while stationary. Somehow, the car has only 172 miles on it, so it’s hardly been used. We have no photos with the top up, so you’ll have to settle for top-down photos for now. It looks like a professional job through and through, and we actually dig the convertible look. Plus, who doesn’t love Plum Crazy? 

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