#SONAlokona: A roundup of the most notable SONA tweets

The hashtag #SONAlokona (literally: “So things have gone crazy”) trended on Twitter today, which rounded up some of the most notable comments and memes on President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Adress (SONA).

It was a good display of true Pinoy humor and wit, during a somber occasion that gathered the country’s top politicians.

The event also brought an impressive display of force from thousands of activists. According to activist Renato Reyes Jr., it attracted an estimated 40,000 protesters.

Naturally, one of the more notable events that didn’t escape netizens’ notice is the coup that installed former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the new Speaker of the House.

While her predecessor Pantaleon Alvarez is expected to contest her oath-taking, it was just the kind of twist worthy of an episode of Game of Thrones.

Even netizen @mrCocoRoss thinks so, who tweeted a photo of Arroyo as Daenerys.

Someone thought Arroyo was more like Cersei.

Another likened her to Harry Potter’s Dolores Umbridge instead.

Netizen @drew_bchlr tweeted a photo of Arroyo with the caption: “I still won, a**holes!”

Arroyo is certainly survivor — she was arrested in 2011 on charges of corruption and electoral fraud but was freed after the evidence against her was found to be insufficient.

Vocal Duterte critic @PinoyAkoBlog used the event to make fun of Alvarez, whose barong (traditional men’s shirt) looked like it was inspired by Black Panther.

One user made fun of Duterte’s statement that “I will not bore you with the list of my accomplishments,” by writing: “Oh please, try.”

A netizen took issue with Duterte’s attack on human rights advocates, who have criticized his controversial drug war. In his speech, the president said: “Your concern is human rights, mine is human lives.”

Wrote @CleveArguelles: “[H]uman rights is about protecting the right to life and maintaining a dignified life.”

User @rhenceignacio used it as an opportunity to showcase the human rights abuses allegedly made during the drug war. He wrote: “Sis, say it again but slowly.”

User @alymarila also took issue with Duterte’s statement, and wrote: “[C]oming from the president who is essentially responsible for the deaths of our people, especially the innocent and impoverished — [I] have to say, this is IRONIC.”

In many of the president’s speeches, he usually drops a cuss word or two to make a point. But this 49-minute SONA is a notable exception. Parody account @HecklerForever wrote: “I sincerely hope he’s ok.”


User @krizzy_kalerqui made fun of the president’s statement that corruption must stop.

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