Sondos Alqattan said attack on her is attack on Kuwait and hijabis

She’s far from shutting up.

Sondos Alqattan has released a video on her now-private Twitter account saying that criticisms of her are an attack on Islam, Kuwait, and hijabis, reported by The National.

In a translation posted by the publication yesterday, Alqattan allegedly said: “I’ve been reported by 90 press agencies, and 90 people inquired [about me], 90 magazines, 90 newspapers, these keep talking about the same subject. They wrote, ‘The Kuwaiti fashionista, the veiled [woman], the Muslim.'”

She added: “After seeing all this, I felt there’s an attack on Islam, [with those people] saying, ‘Look she is wearing the hijab, look at the Muslims, of course [look] at the Kuwaitis in particular, and similarly the people of the Gulf region, look at the Arabs.”

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Alqattan asked: “This is not a personal issue. No! They intend to target hijab-wearers, the Muslima (sic), the Gulf nationals.”

According to Arabian Business, she also asked in the video why her critics appeared angrier over her remarks than the conflict in Syria, Iraq, and Gaza. She also vowed to get her followers to boycott the beauty brands who have severed ties from her.

One of those brands includes MAC Cosmetics, which on Wednesday released a statement denouncing Alqattan for making her controversial remarks. The National reported that the company clarifies that they have “no partnerships with her and will no longer be working with her on any brand activities.”

Vogue Arabia reported that hair care brand Phyto and makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills have cut ties from Alqattan. Gulf News reported that Max Factor has suspended their partnerships from the beauty guru, and said: “Max Factor Arabia is taking this incident very seriously and have immediately suspended all collaborations with Sondos.”

On Tuesday, Alqattan posted a statement on her Instagram to defend herself. It read: “I have not on any circumstances in the present or past have mistreated, degraded, or in any way mistreated an employee of mine.”

The Kuwaiti influencer gained notoriety for posting a video rant on her social media accounts where she complained about new laws that give Filipino maids days off as well as from forbidding employers from confiscating their passports.

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