Sophia Di Martino's 'Loki' outfit altered so she can breastfeed

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Sophia Di Martino attends the Special Screening of LOKI on June 08, 2021 (Disney)
Sophia Di Martino is Sylvie in 'Loki'. (Disney)

Sophia Di Martino has revealed her Loki costume was altered so she could breastfeed more easily between takes.

The actor was cast as Sylvie in the show in 2019 and started filming in 2020, not long after welcoming a baby with her partner will Sharpe.

So the wardrobe department cleverly tweaked her costume so that she could feed her baby and express milk without having to change during filming.

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Sharing a picture of the ingenious outfit on Instagram, Di Martino wrote: “It’s not easy being a working Mama (Understatement!) #christinewada designed Sylvie’s costume and had the genius idea of adding concealed zippers for easy access so that I could use my @elvie pumps easily and nurse my baby between takes.

“It’s little (big) things like this that made it possible for me to do my job AND be a parent.”

The actor, 37, said she was “forever grateful” and added hashtags including “#supportworkingmoms” and “pumpingmama”.

Fans were impressed that bosses had helped make the star’s life easier on set.

Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino at the Special Screening of LOKI on June 08, 2021 (Disney)
Sophia Di Martino with co-star Tom Hiddleston. (Disney)

“I'm so happy they accommodated you in this brilliant way,” said one person, while others said it was “awesome”.

“That is literally the cutest thing ever, hands down to the designer,” said another.

One fan said it “should be the baseline of equality”.

“Unfortunately it’s not so we are glad for those who think it is and change the work environment little by little,” they added.

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“It only takes some zippers often. Thx for showing how easy this could be :).”

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