Soul Searchin’ Soul Campin’

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ON DAYS when exhaustion feels a little too real, one might wish to be able to hang their damp souls out to dry.

While that’s inevitably impossible, the closest thing to do would be to just stop everything temporarily, get rid of social media even just for a while, and plan a getaway to someplace that offers something to quiet down the anxious mind.

Less than an hour’s drive away from the city is a place that allows bone-weary individuals to recuperate, enjoy the lush views and fresh air, and simply take in the stillness and serenity of the area.

Soul Camp is Soul Sierra’s camping and glamping counterpart.

“It’s really just a place to retreat from the city, to connect with nature, and to connect with your family and friends,” Kymberly Maitland-Smith said.

According to Kym, the idea came from her sister Divine.

“She has a lot of friends that go camping and they go all the way to Balamban. So she was like, ‘we need to have a place that can cater to campers and people who want to glamp,’” Kym added.

Located in Babag Uno, Cebu City, Soul Camp greets campers with an overlooking view of the city.

While everyone is more than welcome to bring their own tents, Kym said Nipa Huts are available for those who want to experience something “earthy and raw.”

Bonfires and grills are also available to complete the “nature lover” experience.

Badjang and The Garden, which are Soul Sierra’s restaurants, are both available for hungry campers. For meat eaters, Badjang is the perfect choice. However, if one’s curious to try plant-based meals, then The Garden is the place to go to!

Kym, however, assures that people may also bring their own food and may use the grill.

In a nutshell, exhaustion is a real thing. There will be days when the world and its endless problems become unbearable to handle -- even for the strong ones. When it’s time to hang the damp soul out to dry, head out to the isolated peace amidst the electrifying city that is Soul Sierra’s Soul Camp and allow yourself to reinvigorate in nature.

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