The sound of color

Edward James Castro
·2 min read

WHAT does color sound like? Is it a peaceful melody, or a thundering ruckus? No one really knows. It is not even really objectively quantionable. It can vary from person to person, from a delicate whistle, to a roaring explosion. What we do know is that we can only determine the sound through impressions, a sort of private conversation between us and the spectrum of colors that exist in this material universe.

The prospect of exploring this concept further was too tempting to pass up, most especially with the Sinulog season just over the horizon. So, fellow local creatives collaborated on a photo series that would induce a multi-sensorial experience; a passion project of sorts worth sharing.

Since Cebuanos will probably be home during the actual day of celebration — a stark contrast to the usual throngs of people out in exultation of the Holy Child — the team still found a way to profess their faith and pay tribute to the annual fiesta using a language they know best: through art and fashion.

En route to avant-garde territory for this visual anthology, it was only right that the team show reverence to the ultimate fashion bible, Vogue, our perpetual source of inspiration.

The result? Mad visuals, an unapologetic show of the arts and the unexpected juxtaposition of various pieces and

fragments. A culture clash of colors, prints, shapes and textures abstractly composed and ambiguously moving, inevitably

striking a chord within the onlooker even at first glance.

The collective visual noise creates enough friction that it produces highly audible cacophonies of phantom brass and percussion sounds, so much so that despite the absence of actual sound, it can still be felt and heard through the mind. One can almost hear the familiar beat of the drums and snares suspended and lingering in the atmosphere. The movements can almost be felt through the twist and turns of the shapes captured and cemented in the photographs.

As all these elements converge, the orchestrated components deliver a compelling symphony so hypnotic, one can’thelp but stare.

So now, go ahead. Indulge yourself and take a closer look. What do you hear?