Squirrel breaks into B&Q and steals bird food and nuts

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The squirrel was spotted inside B&Q stealing food. (Twitter/@NorwichPoliceUK)
The squirrel was spotted inside B&Q stealing food. (Twitter/@NorwichPoliceUK)

An alarm going off at a major store overnight is usually a sign of a meticulously planned burglary taking place.

Officers for Norwich Police were therefore possibly apprehensive about who they would find inside a branch of B&Q when alarms sounded earlier this week.

However, what they found inside was altogether more furry than a typical burglary.

In fact, it was a scheming squirrel that broke into and entered the B&Q while on the hunt for food.

And food was found in the shape of bird food and nuts, that the squirrel had presumably sniffed out in the gardening aisle of the DIY retailer.

Unfortunately for police, the law-breaking rodent was able to get away and plan its next food heist.

Posting a picture of the squirrel going about its business on Twitter, Norwich Police wrote: “Officers from #NWSNT attended an intruder alarm at B&Q last night and found the culprit stealing [nuts] and bird food.

Grey squirrel
There are plans to feed grey squirrels contraceptives in an effort to curb their rising numbers. (Getty)

“Unfortunately he was too quick and nimble for us and got away!”

Responding to the post, B&Q tweeted: “He must have been scouting out the place for days. Definitely a pro!”

Grey squirrels running around stealing food may soon be a thing of the past as the government has outlined plans to feed them contraceptives to reduce their population.

Environment minister Lord Benyon, said grey squirrels can do "untold damage" to woodland and red squirrel populations.

The plans would involve luring them to feeding boxes containing pots of hazelnut spread laced with contraceptives.

It is now estimated there are 2.7 million grey squirrels in the UK, reducing the red squirrel population in the UK to the point of extinction.

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