SSC officially owns up to its failed October top speed attempt

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SSC acknowledged Wednesday that its Tuatara supercar did not reach the speed claimed by the company in October when it allegedly obliterated the Koenigsegg Agera RS's then-record with a 316.11-mph run. While SSC didn't outright apologize or completely explain the error, nor did the company reveal the Tuatara's true top speed from last year's run, the small supercar builder's Instagram post is the first public admission that all was not as it seemed in the fall.

"We have seen your questions for months now and understand your frustrations. If it hasn’t been made clear up to this point, we would like to acknowledge officially that we did not reach the originally claimed speeds of 331 MPH or even 301 MPH in October of 2020," the post said. "We were truly heartbroken as a company to learn that we did not reach this feat, and we are in an ongoing effort to break the 300 MPH barrier transparently, officially, and undoubtedly."

"We also want to thank all of those who were supportive and understanding of our unexpected incident in April that has delayed our top speed efforts," it continued.

Many cried foul after reviewing the video released by SSC which claimed to substantiate its top-speed run. The controversy prompted SSC to make a second (and ultimately unsuccessful) attempt. The third time turned out to be the charm, however the results were far less impressive, albeit still sufficient to knock off the Agera's previous record.

The "unexpected incident" referenced near the end of SSC's post occurred when their record-attempt car was seriously damaged in transit back in April. The company claims it will eventually set the record straight (so to speak), but when, where and whether that will happen are all still yet to be determined.

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