Staff picks: 10 Amazon home products we're obsessed with right now — all under $30

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Silk pillows, inflatable pool, wine glasses, and avocado slicer
Genius comes in many forms. (Photo: Amazon)

Home is where the heart is. So, as shopping experts, we spend ample time digging for the best home deals on Amazon. Our mission is to deliver the best ideas and opportunities to our readers, but with so much exposure to hidden gems, every so often, we end up clicking "add to cart" ourselves.

Below are some too-good-to-resist items that our team can't stop talking about— with commentary, straight from the staffers' mouths. From the practical (like an unbreakable wine tumbler) to the pretty (satin pillowcases, anyone?), we've got the goods, and they're all under $30.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping on all these treasures, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. Just sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And even those without Prime get free shipping on orders of $25 or more).

Here are the finds Yahoo Life staffers are hooked on this week.

Liz Kiernan, commerce director

"I never thought I'd get excited about a shower curtain liner, but Amazon is full of surprises. I've had the mildew-resistant Liba liner (Amazon's No. 1 bestseller) for 6 months, and it still looks as new as the day it arrived—no cleaning necessary. That is exciting!"

Westry Green, managing editor

"I am a die-hard minimalist, and I love nothing more than an absence of clutter. But no matter how much I aim to be a person with a limited number of items that I love and use regularly, I have a family. That means I have a lot of stuff in my house and I need to stock up on extras so we don’t run out of hand soap at 10 pm on a Saturday night. The best I can do is keep all of those daily items — printer paper, snack foods, extra bottles of shampoo, DVDs, and so much more — organized and behind closed doors. These multi-purpose organizers hold everything, and they are so affordable that I can buy as many sets as I need. Since they come in a variety of sizes, there’s one that works for nearly everything. I use them in cabinets or closets in every room of my house to help keep my family organized — and keep me sane."

Nicole Sforza, executive editor

"Hefty (but not too hefty), this is my go-to summer glass. It’s pretty enough for company, and because it's unbreakable, I don't have to worry about if one falls on the patio or by the pool. I love the shape and the color, too."

Stephanie Sisco, commerce editor

"With original 1960's hardwood floors throughout my house and a tumbling two year old running around, I’ve got a lot of rugs to soften up the space. But the peril of those floor coverings is that they can slide around or roll up at the corners, posing a whole other set of challenges. Enter these rug pad grippers. I easily attached them to each corner of my rugs and no more slippage!”

Izabella Zaydenberg, senior commerce editor

"My cat is equal parts curious and clever, so once she figured out how to open up my closet doors and kitchen cabinets, she'd spend hours in there, breaking into boxes of pasta and getting her fur all over my clothes. After buying an endless amount of child-proof locks (and her breaking every single one in hours) I finally came across these, and I'm in love. They're heavy-duty, don't damage the surface they're stuck on, and can withstand hours of pawing. I've had the same set for over a year, and my cat has yet to break into anything. Me: 1, kitty cat: 0."

Libby Sentz, commerce editor

"When my husband handed me OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer for my birthday last week, I very rudely handed it right back to him. He knows I want to streamline our kitchen drawer, y’all. But then I noticed the twist-and-pull pit remover — now that looks handy. I gave it a whirl. This 3-in-1 tool truly does take the mess out of avocado prep, and it stores nice and flat. Thanks, Dear!"

Vinciane Ngomsi, sports commerce writer

"As someone who cooks (a lot), I find that running the dishwasher doesn't always make sense — because later the same day I'll inevitably need the same pots, pans and cooking utensils. So I do a lot of hand-washing. This rack is perfect for drying tools and dishes, and, because it rolls up and tucks away after use, it's a great upgrade from the cumbersome full-size plastic drying rack I used to have."

Rachel Roszmann, commerce editor

"I love these pillowcases because it’s fun to sleep on satin! They also come in fun colors (I have lavender and teal) that brighten my bedroom."

Derek Arbogast, commerce writer

"It’s with a heavy heart that I make this Amazon Home recommendation. Truth is, me and my paramour are on the outs…unfortunately, the house is in both our names, so we’re stuck living together. This has made our sunrise aqua meditation a challenge. But this pair of Intext inflatable swimming pools, now just $23, is a godsend. At 45 inches wide, they’re roomy enough for each of us to go full lotus, and because there are two of them, we don’t so much as have to look at each other. I can feel the serenity in my veins just saying that."

Mana Faye, commerce intern

"I’m a huge Type A person, so a unique but cute storage piece is always a favorite find! This modern unit can be used in virtually any part of your home. The cubes are 11.8 inches on each side. Whether in the basement for cleaning supplies, in the pantry for snacks and food or in the bathroom for beauty and skin care products, this durable, easy-to-assemble piece is a problem-solver."

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