The star signs Libra is most romantically compatible with

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Which star signs is Libra most compatible with romantically? Libras are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, indulgence and pleasure, so naturally romance is their ideal territory. They are amazing partners, like a movie romance. They are eloquent and pleasing, poetic and entertaining, sophisticated and flattering.

You will be the envy of others, with a delightful Libran on your arm… although you may actually find they’re also arming the arms of others too! Librans are natural-born flirts and people pleasers, and this gets them into hot water. What starts as harmless flirtation can quickly escalate, and Libra hasn’t the heart to briskly walk away (even when they really should do).

Their crowd-pleasing personality can sometimes make them come off like a shapeshifter, because they are hard to pin down, don’t like any type of conflict or disagreement, and sometimes you may wonder if they’re just saying what they think you want to hear… and they very well might be.

Smart, diplomatic, indecisive, elegant, charming and analytical. Libra is an Air sign, first and foremost, so they need to feel you are sharp and witty enough to keep up, and that you’re not going to be boring. Air signs need stimulation and intellectual challenge to whet their appetites for more physical pleasures. Engage the brain before the *ahem* other bits.

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Libra compatibility with other star signs

When it comes to romantic compatibility, Libras get on best with:

  • other Libras - make love not war, bb
  • Gemini and Aquarius - fellow Air signs, they never stop talking
  • Aries - Aries is all fire and brimstone, and Libra is all peace and love… but they do both LOVE sex so it all sorts itself out in the bedroom

How to know when a Libra is into you

You’ll know they’re into you because Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and as such they are ranked ~expert level~ at the Academy of Flirtation (it’s a real place LOL).

A sure-thing sign is if they are telling others how amazing you are. So, if their crowd are telling you that they’ve ‘heard all about you’ then you’ve definitely sealed the deal.

How to win a Libra's heart

  • Libra is sensitive around the small of their back and their buttocks, so (once you’ve progressed to this stage, obvs not before as that’d be creepy) bum pinches and lower back rubs work wonders
  • Importantly, this sign needs to feel calm and balanced in order to relax. Any noisy, smelly, chaotic, busy or frenetic environments will set their teeth on edge. Get them to an oasis of peace
  • Librans love a (good-natured) debate. They can argue their way out of anything (and then back in again because they love playing devil’s advocate). Challenge them and spar with them verbally, they’ll respect you for it
  • Their Venus planetary influence makes them incredibly susceptible to indulgences- so dates based around food, drink, shopping, sex, chillin’ and generally whatever physical pleasures you know they like will never go awry. Libran Heaven.

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