Starbucks celebrates 25th year in Philippines

EVERY holiday season, Starbucks effortlessly brings people together with its highly anticipated and well-loved Starbucks Traditions collection. But this year, there’s more than just the collections to celebrate, as the brand celebrates 25 years of filling our days with more than just coffee in the Philippines.

#Fillitforward this holiday

“The holidays are an exciting time for us all at Starbucks, and for our customers who celebrate with us,” shared Jamie Silva, senior manager for marketing, digital customer experience and loyalty at Starbucks Philippines.

“For our 25th year celebrations, we pay homage to our partners (employees) and customers who have grown with us and have opened up opportunities to touch the lives of local communities.”

The brand released a series of videos online based on real life anecdotes. Each persona represents the communities Starbucks Philippines has built over the years, and where featured partner and customers share how the brand has and continues to fill their days forward.

2023 Starbucks traditions

Starbucks is proud to showcase its 2023 Starbucks Traditions collection. This year’s collection showcases a sophisticated new look that gives homage to Starbucks’ famous Siren, but with thoughtful details that celebrate the brand’s silver anniversary. Customers have their choice among two limited-edition planners with organizer designs, a classic cold cup, and a durable stainless-steel tumbler.

The two 2023 Starbucks Traditions Planner with Organizer options come in a premium ring binder notebook format with a matching pen and cover. An ode to the Siren and a visible manifestation of Starbucks Philippines’ 25th anniversary, this year’s edition features a sleek Siren tail design and is available in two elegant colors—Champagne and Black.

The leather cover features both a pocket and pouch to store your files, and the plush material is accentuated with gold hardware. The ring bind style allows for the Planner with Organizer to be used well beyond 2023.

Taking its cue from the success of last year’s sets, Starbucks wanted to bring back multiple options for its customers that love using reusable vessels. This year’s lineup includes a 15 oz. Steel Tumbler and 22 oz. Cold Cup featuring a similar Siren design as the Planners.

Until Jan. 2, 2023, customers will earn a sticker for every purchase of a Tall, Grande or Venti handcrafted beverage. One Reward Voucher can automatically be redeemed every 18 stickers collected. For easy tracking of stickers, opt-in through the Starbucks App and join using an e-Promo Card. Visit to learn more. (PR)