Starbucks is adding 4 new colorful iced drinks to its menu for summer

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Hot days call for cold, refreshing drinks. It's that simple. That's why, just a few days after the official first day of summer, Starbucks is adding four new iced beverages to its menu. The new drinks—three made with tea, one made with coffee—are all inspired by the flavors of the season (think: peaches, guava, blueberries and chocolate ice cream!) and they're all available starting today.

First up are the tea drinks, which are all sweetened with liquid cane sugar, hand-shaken with ice and mixed with lemonade for a bold, invigorating flavor. Teavana Peach Green Tea Lemonade mixes green tea, a peach-flavored fruit juice blend and lemonade. This one is probably the most common flavor combination (peach iced tea anyone?), and after a taste test, we thought it went down easy, but was definitely the sweetest tasting of the bunch.

Teavana Guava White Tea Lemonade is made with white tea, guava-flavored fruit juice blend and lemonade. If you could translate "tropical vacation" into a flavor, this would be it. It's sweet, but still refreshing and feels like it would be best enjoyed by the beach.

Teavana Blueberry Black Tea Lemonade mixes black tea with blueberry-flavored fruit juice and lemonade. This flavor was our favorite and definitely the most refreshing—we could sip on this one any day, any time.

Like all Starbucks drinks, the new Teavana drinks are completely customizable. If they're too sweet for you, Starbucks recommends trying them without the lemonade or removing the liquid cane sugar. You can also create your own symphony of fruit flavors by mixing and matching the juice blends. Blueberry peach-flavored tea, anyone?

Side note: Last week, Starbucks also released new Beach Bellini tea sachets to make your own tropical tea drinks at home (available at grocery stores and on Amazon!).

Next up, Starbucks is also releasing a new Iced Cocoa Cloud Macchiato made with espresso, a dash of toffee nut syrup and whipped cloud cold foam. It's then topped with caramel and mocha drizzle on top. (You can also order this as a hot drink, because old habits die hard.)

Starbucks launched its first Cloud Macchiato drink with the help of Ariana Grande back in early March. The original is like a classic macchiato with just a small amount of cold foam, which Starbucks says is "an airy microfoam frothed cold and blended until smooth, creating layers of creamy texture and flavor, without the cream."

Fun fact: Starbucks is partly responsible for bringing hot espresso drinks (like the macchiato and latte) to the U.S. and making them so popular. When the coffee chain first opened in 1971, they were a roaster and sold whole-bean coffee for at-home brewing only. Then, former CEO Howard Shultz took a trip to Italy in the early '80s, brought back a new knowledge of espresso drinks and convinced the founders to start selling them.

Today, the coffee chain is known for its innovations in the coffee space with drinks like the Pumpkin Spice Latte, Unicorn Frappuccino and Peppermint Mocha, but they're most-sold drinks—50 percent of their drink sales actually—are iced.

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