Starving dogs eat dead dogs in Asturias town, Cebu pound

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THE agriculture office of Asturias, Cebu has started its investigation after a video showing a dog eating a dead dog inside the town’s pound went viral online on Monday, November 1, 2021.

The video drew the ire of netizens who believed that the dogs were not fed and not properly taken care of by the pound’s personnel. The Asturias Municipal Government started impounding stray dogs and cats last September 2 after it implemented the Dog Care and Anti-Rabies Ordinance of 2010.

A Facebook user who goes by the name Clara Isabelle expressed anger and disgust.

She wrote: “What is happening now? The dogs you captured are dying and eating their own kind out of hunger... because you aren’t feeding them. This is animal cruelty! If you can’t do it right and handle the obligation, stop what you are doing and try to revisit your ordinance!”

Clara Isabelle said concerned citizens and a private group rescued the dogs on Tuesday, November 2. They fed them with food.

She described that most of the dogs were skin and bones.

“More or less 15 dogs have reportedly died,” Clara Isabelle said.

Superbalita Cebu tried to get the statement of Asturias Mayor Antonio Pintor, but he did not yet give details or comment on the matter; however, the agriculture office announced that the mayor had ordered its personnel to conduct an inquiry. (ANV / KAL)

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