Stay on-trend and comfortable this summer with the best oversized T-shirts

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Overjoyed millennial plus-size black woman wearing white t-shirt dancing with closed eyes, having fun moving and listening to music, relaxing isolated over dark brown studio background
Overjoyed millennial plus-size black woman wearing white t-shirt dancing with closed eyes, having fun moving and listening to music, relaxing isolated over dark brown studio background

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In contrast to the winter months, upgrading your closet for #HotGirlSummer can be quite difficult. Hotter temperatures can make most stylish clothing uncomfortable, and if you’re someone who’s used to layering, you may just not be used to dressing with single pieces.

There are a few items that still strike the perfect balance of style and summer comfort and these oversized t-shirts are perfect examples. Rocking these tees over the most basic legwear like jeans will create eye-catching summer outfits – and you can even wear them into the later parts of the year, like early fall and winter.

If there’s one thing for sure, purchasing an oversized t-shirt is not as simple as buying one that is two sizes too big. An oversized t-shirt isn’t just any shirt, and brands that have taken notice are deliberately producing this style.

Buying an oversized t-shirt can be hard, which is why this guide is here to help to make things a lot easier.

Top Picks

Editor’s choice: Meladyan Oversized Graphic T-shirt

Looking for an oversized t-shirt that doesn’t sacrifice affordability for quality?

The Meladyan t-shirt is made of an exclusive cotton blend fabric that is soft to the touch and extremely durable.

The soft feel of this fabric stays consistent when it’s wet, preventing it from becoming coarse on the skin due to sweat. It is also prone to shrinking after a wash which, combined with its durability, allows you to wear it for years to come.

The graphic on this oversized t-shirt depicts numerous butterflies with unique shapes. Meladyan uses the latest printing techniques for these gorgeous butterfly illustrations to ensure long-lasting durability and vibrance.

Another plus? The variety of color options and material quality sets this oversized t-shirt apart from the rest.


  • Long-lasting durability

  • Suitable for all causal scenarios

  • Permanently vibrant print


  • A bit too muted for some

Most compatible: SOLY HUX Casual Print T-shirt

SOLY HUX has put great care into designing an oversized t-shirt that maintains the loose vibe without it looking odd or messy.

Everything from its length and bust to shoulder and sleeves are cut perfectly for every available size. Additionally, the size chart from SOLY HUX is incredibly detailed and makes finding the right one for you a breeze.

The design is stylish yet minimal. The black ‘Los Angeles’ print is stylized enough to give this top a distinct personality without being an advert for LA.

On the other hand, the khaki color is perfect for pairing with jeans, shorts and skirts.


  • Universally compatible khaki color

  • Soft and comfortable fabric

  • Near perfect fit for all sizes

  • Understated enough for school and work


  • Fabric is a bit thicker than usual

Fenxxxl Loose Graphic T-shirt

Fenxxxl graphic t-shirt stands apart from your traditional oversized t-shirts, and for a good reason. Instead of being muted and minimal, this top is vibrant and colorful.

Its sublime green color is sure to attract tons of compliments with its unique faded pattern.

Its earthy tone fits well with beach visits, pool parties and other fun summer activities. Then there is the vibrant yellow and orange print which gives this t-shirt a distinct, memorable design. Its vibrant print also makes it the perfect middle layer for the winter and fall seasons.

The construction quality of this shirt is also top-tier. Its slightly stretchy polyester matches the design perfectly while also providing long-lasting comfort. The biggest strength of this t-shirt is its washability. Cold water cleans it quickly without any negative effect on its texture, consistency and feel.


  • Unique, attention-grabbing design

  • Works perfectly for a beach visit

  • Easily cleaned with cold water


  • Takes attention away from the pants/shoes

Carhartt Loose Fit T-shirt

This oversized t-shirt from Carhartt perfects the concept of an understated and minimal oversized summer t-shirt.

Another plus? The plain black color pairs flawlessly with legwear of all colors, shapes and materials.

Its 100% imported cotton construction further improves the overall look while providing excellent long-term durability and comfort. Additionally, the innovative side-seam construction minimizes twisting, maintaining its comfort on regular day-to-day use.


  • Hassle-free machine wash

  • Universally compatible minimal design

  • Comfortable and durable cotton construction

  • Minimized twisting with side-seam construction


  • Can get hot under direct sunlight

Most comfortable: SheIn Women’s Figure Loose T-shirt

SheIn’s oversized t-shirt combines ultimate comfort with a gorgeous minimal design and long-lasting durability.

Its breathable polyester blend provides a soft and cozy feel, no matter how hot the temperature gets. Plus, its moisture-wicking properties keep you cool even under direct sunlight. Combined with its naturally stretchy material, the size and shape will give you a full range of motion without any restrictions.

However, its comfortability isn’t this t-shirt’s only selling point. Its white color also provides an excellent outfitting canvas. The minimal design on the front prevents this oversized t-shirt from being bland and leaves plenty of opportunity for Instagram-worthy shots and artistic self-expression.


  • Cooling moisture-wicking properties

  • Easy to style minimal design

  • Long-lasting durable construction


  • Will need regular cleaning

How to buy a quality oversized t-shirt: a buying guide

An oversized t-shirt is a must-have in any modern closet. It does what very few clothing items can: make summer stylish and comfortable. Owning a few can transform the way you dress during summer while also giving you a powerful layering tool for the colder days of the year.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to style and find the right oversized t-shirts.

Finding the right oversized shirt

Finding the right oversized t-shirt online can be quite a hassle. There are hundreds if not thousands of options to pick from, so looking through them one by one will take ages. Instead, you can evaluate each variable option according to the following factors to speed up the process.


Choosing the right fabric is the most important part of finding the right oversized t-shirt. Unfortunately, t-shirt fabrics usually aren’t the best quality. Each has its own pros and cons, and the right choice depends on your preferences.

100% cotton

Cotton is one of the most popular oversized t-shirt materials and it is easy to see why. It is extremely soft and comfortable, and you can wear it for long periods without irritation. The hypoallergenic nature of cotton further enhances its comfort – making it the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin.

The only major issue with cotton t-shirts is that they tend to be thicker than other materials. Even the lightweight 100% cotton t-shirts are thicker than some other oversized t-shirt fabrics.

That said, 100% cotton is a fantastic choice unless you live in a very hot area or plan to wear your oversized t-shirt to the gym.

100% polyester

100% polyester is nearly the opposite of cotton with its lightweight profile and exceptional breathability. Polyester oversized t-shirts are excellent at absorbing moisture and wicking it away quickly, keeping you cool even under direct sunlight. Plus, polyester’s odor and stain resistance make these shirts the quintessential option for folks on the move.

However, if you have sensitive skin, do not choose 100% polyester oversized t-shirts. It is not as soft as pure cotton and can lead to abrasion. Also, the texture of polyester doesn’t look the best under layering materials like wool and leather.

Cotton/polyester blend

The cotton and polyester blend is the best of both worlds. It is more durable than 100% cotton while maintaining a similar comfort and softness.

On the downside, both of these attributes will depend on the percentage of each material in the blend and can vary drastically between manufacturers. So remember that not all cotton and polyester blends are created equal. Also, look for oversized t-shirts with tons of positive customer reviews regarding the material.

Size and shape

Oversized t-shirts from different manufacturers can have slight differences in shape and size, even if they’re all marked as small or medium. Some are longer than the others, while many are baggier.

All of these options are correct depending on your style and outfit choice.

Now, there are two ways to see whether or not an oversized shirt will fit the way you want it to. The first is to look for a detailed size chart on the product description page. These charts often list the exact measurements for shoulders, sleeves and length.

Another way to see sizing comparisons is to scroll through customer reviews and look for images with people who share the same height and shape as you.



First are the oversized t-shirts with muted or pastel hues. These are the more popular options as light colors work better on bright summer days. These include colors like baby pink, khaki and other earthy tones.


Oversized t-shirts with bright colors tend to work best in minimal outfits where the t-shirt is the main focus. Another great occasion for these is nighttime parties and events as they are quite attention-grabbing and memorable.


Black and white oversized t-shirts are compatible with these categories and work well in almost every outfit you can think of, no matter the style.

Patterns and prints

The last factor to consider is the pattern of the primary color and the print on top.

Oversized t-shirt prints can range from cutesy and minimal art pieces to funny and memorable quotes. The choice between these is completely up to you and the type of outfits you want to craft with them.

Styling oversized t-shirts

With jeans

There’s nothing more classic than a pair of blue jeans. A tucked-in oversized t-shirt paired with blue jeans is a simple and stylish look. This takes mere seconds to put together yet fits perfectly in situations ranging from a friend’s hangout to grocery shopping.

With short shorts

Short shorts are the way to go if you want to focus all the attention on the oversized t-shirt. The shorts will hide under the t-shirt, leaving it in charge of your look. Pairing this outfit with high-top boots and a summer hat makes an excellent beach outfit.

With a skirt

Rocking an oversized t-shirt with a thigh-high A-line skirt will allow you to perfect a cutesy look without much effort. Just contrast a dark skirt with a light-colored oversized t-shirt.

People also ask

Are oversized t-shirts in style in 2022?

They are! Whether you’re heading to the beach or hanging out at home with your friends, oversized t-shirts are always on-trend and comfortable – and they are destined to remain this way for years to come due to how versatile they are.

How can I wash my oversized t-shirt?

Most oversized t-shirts are washing machine friendly so as long as your machine is set on cold. Washing your oversized t-shirt on high heat can lead to premature shrinking and fading of any embroidery.

To extend the lifespan of your collection, be sure to also avoid bleach as harsher chemicals can ruin certain fabrics. If you want to eliminate this worry completely, opt for organic cleaners and detergents.

Can I wear an oversized t-shirt under a hoodie?

You absolutely can! An oversized t-shirt under an oversized hoodie makes an extremely cute and comfortable outfit.

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