Stefanie Sun to drop new single Viva Anon today, questions online anonymity

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Stefanie Sun to drop new single Viva Anon. (Photo: MAKE / MUSIC)
Stefanie Sun to drop new single Viva Anon. (Photo: MAKE / MUSIC)

Singaporean singer-songwriter Stefanie Sun revealed in a teaser video that she would be releasing a new song Viva Anon today (29 October) — her second this year after What Remains. Viva Anon is composed by Singaporean musician Lee Shih Shiong, with the lyrics co-created by the diva herself and Taiwanese lyricist Ge Da-wei.

In the teaser, Sun explained that Viva Anon seemed to encourage people to be anonymous, but it was actually not the case. She felt that online anonymity gave people a lot of freedom to talk about things in the most straightforward way, hinting at the existence of “keyboard warriors.”

Furthermore, Sun thought that anonymity was a cowardly behaviour, as people became less responsible for the words they put out online. She found that it was not a good phenomenon with many people adopting such irresponsible behaviour. She also pointed out that people tended to blindly jump on the bandwagon, without caring about the consequences of their comments, and the messages they were bringing across.

The singer disclosed that the music video will incorporate some examples of anonymity. Each of the characters in the music video adopts multiple different identities. Eventually, it will all become a mess, as they try to reveal each other’s actual characters.

Questioning whether being anonymous was truly a boon, Sun felt that Viva Anon and its theme were interesting, and hoped that everyone would like it. The chorus also seemed to encapsulate the digital world we currently live in, with a part of the lyrics reading:

Viva anon
Who is out of luck this time
Let me wear my mask
Real or fake
Who do you believe

Viva Anon will be available on music streaming sites from 6pm (SGT) today, and the music video will premiere on YouTube later at 8pm (SGT).

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