Stop campaigning for just one slate, Aquino told

Rio Rose Ribaya
Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

If the Filipino people were indeed his boss, President Benigno Aquino III should take a backward step in the campaign for the senatorial elections, an independent candidate said.

Baldomero Falcone, who is running for senator under the Democratic Party of the Philippines (DPP), said the President's aggresive support for the Liberal Party-led coalition's slate is unbecoming of his office.
"You are the president of the people, of the whole Filipino people. Diba ang sabi mo kayo ang boss ko. How come you have are just pushing for LP bets?" Falcone said at the Yahoo! Purple Thumb forum in the University of the Philippines Diliman March 21.

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"You are eating your own words when you said 'kayo ang boss ko.' I, as a Filipino, do not feel that you are being true to your promise that we are your boss (when you are campaigning for them)," he added.

Falcone also criticized Aquino's inaction when Malaysia used military force to drive away followers of Sulu sultan Jamalul Kiram III staked out in Sabah.

Aquino's duty to protect Filipino citizens overseas should take precedence over his duty to campaign for his party-mates, Falcone said.
"Be the president of the whole Filipino people including the Filipinos in Sabah," he noted.

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The business consultant added that the Aquino administration's "Tuwid Na Daan" is not enough to solve the worsening poverty situation if the country.
Falcone claimed his party knows how to "skirt around" faulty design of the Philippine economy, which he said is anchored on the businesses of few families.
"We can do this through securitization which has been proven to really access global funds and bring global money in every viable project in every district," Falcone said.
"It's high time that we try a new roadmap... We in the DPP knows how to skirt around the stronghold of oligarchic families, who own business and corporations in the country," he added.

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