10 storage solutions that will save you space and time

Anya Meyerowitz
Clever home storage hacks [Photo: Getty]
Clever home storage hacks [Photo: Getty]

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We’ve never let lack of space stop us from buying whatever it is we’ve had our eye on. In fact, rather than get savvier with our spending, it’s pushed us to get clever with our storage solutions.

From finding extra space in the bedroom to decluttering the bathroom, there are a myriad effective - and aesthetically pleasing - ways to make sure that your possessions are organised and in order, ready for your next addition.

But there’s more to clever storage than just making more room. It’s also about saving time - though arguably a floordrobe (aka keeping your clothes all over the floor) saves precious minutes, too - and making sure that your items are kept in good condition. Plus, it means you’re less likely to lose things and so won’t have to double up on buying again.

Investing in one of these affordable storage solutions for your home is the smartest thing you can do for future-you. Go on, make Marie Kondo proud.

Clever storage hacks for your home

The Home Edit & InterDesign Turntable Storage Container | £22 from John Lewis & Partners

Don’t be fooled by the picture, you don’t need to be an arts and crafts fanatic to find this divided turntable storage container useful. From makeup brushes to cleaning utensils and admin accessories, this handy container created by organising gurus The Home Edit is the secret to effortless organisation all over the house.

3 Shoe Storage Step Space Savers | £6.99 from Lakeland

This space-saving shoe stacker is so simple, yet so genius. It can be used to store anything from heels and flats to trainers and ankle boots, saving you up to 30% more room. Plus, if that wasn’t reason to snap up enough to snap up this pack of three, it’s made from 60% recycled plastic.

Chef's Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set | £28.97 from Amazon

We don’t dare count the amount of time we’ve spent routing around in kitchen cupboards, peering into containers to check what’s inside and finding stale cooking essentials. So this durable set of seven multi-sized containers, complete with labels and pen, is everything our daily meal-prep needs.

Foldable Underwear Drawer Organiser | £6.99 from Amazon

Who knew that rolling your underwear up and popping it into its own little compartment could be so pleasing? Perfect for children and adults alike, this environmentally-friendly storage device is breathable, mildew-proof and moisture-proof, so your underwear stays fresh and organised all year-round.

Style and Store Hairdryer and Tongs Storage Unit | £16.99 from Lakeland

We know that a storage unit for your hairdryer and straighteners doesn’t seem like something that should be top of any decluttering list, but in fact, it is. It spares you the laborious task of untangling the wires, it means you never need to worry about your hot tongs burning your carpet and it looks nice on your dresser.

Tribesigns 3-Tier Standing Spice Rack | £23.95 from Amazon

There is almost nothing that this three-in-one bamboo rack can’t store: cans, canisters, condiments, jars, spices, spoon, spatula, cutting board and knives, can all be kept within easy reach when cooking or baking. It can also be used as a desktop bookshelf, makeup organiser, bathroom shelves or even as a plant rack.

Stackable Box Chest Drawer Unit | £12.39 from eBay

If you’re short on space, then these stackable storage boxes are ideal for helping you get your wardrobe organised. Not only can you stack the four different sizes in any way you like, but they’re also transparent so finding what you need is always easy.

Wall Mounted Storage System | £25 from Argos Home

Perfect for combat kitchens where space is a precious commodity, this wall-mounted storage system gets everything organised and out of your way, while still allowing you to see what you’ve got. Add your favourite cookery books, utensils, jars and bottles with ease - there’s even a handy rail for kitchen roll. Genius, huh?

simplehuman Twin Wall Mount Pump Soap Dispenser | £59.99 from Lakeland

Find yourself constantly tripping over bottles in the shower, or forever finding a myriad empty shower gels? Keep things simple and organised with this dual soap dispenser. Simply add shampoo and conditioner, or soap and you can clear away everything else - leaving you with a sacred shower space for peace of mind in the mornings.

HOMCOM Bookcase Reading Seat Storage Unit | £59.99 from Mano Mano

If you don’t want to choose between keeping all your books and having somewhere to actually read them, then this bookcase and seat combo is ideal. With six storage cubes that can be used to store toys, games, remote controls and basically anything, as well as books, this space-efficient chair will help you keep clutter to a minimum.

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