'Straight Out of a Movie': Woman Discovers Late Mom Was Boyfriend's Kindergarten Teacher

An 18-year-old in Adelaide, South Australia, found out that her late mom was her boyfriend’s kindergarten teacher in a moment that she described as “straight out of a movie.”

Leah Menzies posted footage to TikTok on May 20 recapping the discovery that her mother, who died when she was seven, had taught her boyfriend Thomas in kindergarten — after believing her mom would never get to meet her partner.

The pair figured out the connection when Thomas, also 18, showed her a class picture from a childhood photo album.

“The kindergarten class photo was on the front page and he recognized my mother from photos I had shown him,” Menzies told Storyful.

It seems Menzies’s story has given the internet the collective chills, with the emotional video having over 10 million likes at the time of writing.

“It’s incredible that she knew him,” Menzies told Today. “What gets me is that she was standing with my future boyfriend and she had no idea.” Credit: Leah Menzies via Storyful

Video Transcript


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