Stranger Things major catalyst for ‘80s aesthetic resurgence

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No one can deny the influence and cultural impact American TV series “Stranger Things” has made since it premiered in 2016. The show’s setting is in the early ‘80s, and, well, people dug into it real hard. The portrayal of the decade is in its full glory—from its solid color fashion to experimental music, “Stranger Things” continues to provide people today with a picture of how the world was many decades ago.

The impact of nostalgia is the very heart of this series. With the audience engrossed in the journey of characters El, Mike, Lucas and Dustin, it’s almost as if the audience is journeying with them as well, growing up in an earlier period.

Younger people today are able to relive a certain time—one that they weren’t born in with the help of social media. With “Stranger Things” kicking things off and sustaining the fascination with the ‘80s, this makes it easier for everyone to relive a throwback lifestyle through fashion and music.


Fashion is an important factor that immortalizes a place and time by giving them a distinct image. This way, future generations can relive and enjoy a time that they were not a part of.

In the ‘80s, everyone was sporting baggy pants and colorful tops in various prints. Chunky dad shoes were taking the world by storm as well as the mom and boyfriend jeans, worn by all genders.

Since retro was all the rage, thrifting for used clothes became the trend, thus, bridging the gap between social classes. The outfits that the characters of “Stranger Things” wear are not limited to one gender, and everyone is welcome to emulate what they deem fashionable.

During that period, it was all about comfort, functionality and style all rolled into one.


In the ‘80s, the world saw an unprecedented rise of stars and artists, and that is largely due to the emergence of MTV. Huge artists that became popular icons included Madonna and Duran Duran—their music videos frequently played on screen. For the first time, music videos were broadcasted, and that contributed to the imminent and radical shift of pop culture.

The turn of the ‘80s is something that future generations could never let go and will always come back to. The foundations were laid back then and it proved to be instrumental to the rise of social media. The rest followed suit.

“Stranger Things” has the knack of reviving some of the banger songs that your parents probably used to listen to. From pop to rock, listening to the series’ OST is the collective sound of a decade that Gen Zs are now, finally, listening to.

“Stranger Things” brought the ‘80s back for this generation to enjoy as it has bridged the past and the present. The influence of the ‘80s will never cease for its cultural impact, and is still causing ripples across generations. “Stranger Things” merely emphasized it greatly and, honestly, no one is complaining.

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