Strictly Come Dancing fans can't get over Adam Peaty's Samba

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Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

After his almost kiss with Katya Jones, Strictly Come Dancing's Adam Peaty has caught fan attention all over again - this time for his trousers/hips/Samba combination.

ICYMI, the Olympian made Strictly headlines last week after his almost-kiss with partner Katya during their Argentine tango. After his girlfriend's pretty hilarious reaction, the star insisted the "gossip" was being made into a bigger deal than necessary.

Now, fans are talking about Adam all over again - this time thanks to his outfit, 'gyrating hips' (their words) and all round moves on the dance floor. During this week's performance [23 October], the 26-year-old danced the Samba in blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

Sharing a clip from the routine on Twitter, the official account wrote, "The hips, the double denim, the absolute tune. What more could you want from Adam and Katya's Samba? #Strictly"

Fans were all over the dance, with one writing, "Adam Peaty in tight denim gyrating is absolutely what I want on a Saturday night" and another added, "Hi @adam_peaty I am free on Thursday night. If you would like to hang out I am free on Thursday night when I am free to hang out."

Someone else said, "Crikey Adam peaty in those jeans!" and "The hips don’t lie @adam_peaty."

We're saying nothing.

This comes as comedian and Loose Women panelist, Judi Love, had to pull out of Strictly Come Dancing this week after testing positive for COVID-19. Her partner, Graziano Di Prima, also missed this weekend's episode.

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