Studio Ghibli is finally on social media with unprecedented official Twitter account

Lim Yian Lu
·2 min read
Princess Mononoke and the Wolf Gods.
Princess Mononoke and the Wolf Gods.

Founded in 1985 in Japan, Studio Ghibli has produced many animated feature films, including popular works like Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro. Despite its seniority in the industry, Studio Ghibli is relatively slow in embracing the power of social media. In fact, it just created its first ever official Twitter account on New Year’s Day.

Along with an illustration of an ox — 2021 being the year of the ox — trampling on a mask-wearing virus, Studio Ghibli wrote in its first tweet, “Happy New Year everyone! We have just started Studio Ghibli's official Twitter account. We will be sharing information about new works and small events happen (sic) at the studio. Please check here for latest updates.”

Studio Ghibli has since accumulated more than 314,000 followers, with more than 143,000 likes for its first tweet. Fans of the animation studio have expressed joy and excitement for this milestone, tweeting replies like: “A happy piece of news early in the new year.” “Finally an official account!” “Thank you for opening an account.” “This year is definitely the best year.” “I’ve been waiting for this!”

Apparently, the illustration is drawn by Hayao Miyazaki, the co-founder of Studio Ghibli, who has also directed and written the scripts for some of its animated feature films. The image is being used in Studio Ghibli’s new year greeting card, which Miyazaki would illustrate every year.

In response to Miyazaki’s witty illustration, fans were hopeful for a better year without the coronavirus with comments like: “Step on the virus!” “It’s good to trample on the virus.” “I’m touched by the promising illustration.”

Coincidentally, 5 January also marks Miyazaki’s 80th birthday. Studio Ghibli’s official website noted that Miyazaki was doing fine as usual, and had been working on the production of the new film How Do You Live? every day. While it hasn’t been confirmed when the film will be released, we can immerse ourselves in this sea of free Studio Ghibli backgrounds while waiting for the details.