Stylish storage solutions to perk up every room in your home

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Spring is finally here — and the change in season is a perfect time to refresh and revitalize your home. From simple home updates that will make a big difference to deep cleaning tips, Everything Awaits you at Canadian Tire.

Photo of a neat and organized living room
Photo via Canadian Tire

The emergence of spring after a long arduous winter is something most Canadians live for. However, it’s not just the idea of getting outdoors or sitting comfortably on a patio that sounds appealing.

What we love about spring is that it seems to get us in the headspace to start fresh. For many people, that fresh start comes with a clean and organized home that promotes productivity. Plus, who doesn’t like being able to find things without rummaging through a messy drawer?

Start the season off right by seeking out storage solutions that aren’t only practical but aesthetically pleasing. From stylish utility carts to unique shelving solutions, these storage trends will help maximize space in every room in your home — and in doing so, they’ll also help create a relaxing, peaceful space you can enjoy as the seasons change.

For the kitchen

Photo of organized canisters in a kitchen cabinet
Photo via Canadian Tire

With endless pots and pans, kitchen gadgets and pantry items, it’s hard not to let your kitchen organization slide. When it comes to food storage, one of the best ways to organize is to use clear modular containers. The Home Edit by iDESIGN has you covered! You can use the medium canisters to store cereal, flour, or nuts, and use the pasta canister for dried pasta. The canisters’ ability to stack means you can really maximize all your shelf space and the air-tight seal keeps your food fresher for longer.

Home Edit by iDESIGN also has fridge solutions that can help you maximize the space. This divided fridge drawer is perfect for fruits and vegetables and the egg bin will ensure you can store more eggs safely without worrying about accidental drops.

Like many of us, pod brewers offer convenience and an instant burst of caffeine in the morning without struggling with a portafilter. The downside is, finding space to store the oddly shaped pods is a constant battle. The Heritage 36 Pod Coffee Carousel was created with this exact dilemma in mind and doesn’t take up extra counter space. Simply stack your brewer on top of the minimalist coffee drawer for easy access to your favourite tea and coffee pods.

For the living room

Photo via Canadian Tire
Photo via Canadian Tire

Your living area is a space you want to keep in tip top shape because it’s often where you spend the most time and entertain guests. Like most rooms in your home, it can also fall victim to stray toys, piles of paper and unfolded laundry, which can create a stressful environment. We love utilizing rolling carts for organizing in this space and there are so many things you can do with it that you might never have considered.

For green thumbs, the type A Momentum 3-Tier Utility Cart offers a stylish and trendy way to display and organize your plants. If you entertain regularly, you can also use a utility cart to store bar essentials or your home brewer and coffee accessories.

For the bathroom

Photo of clear canisters on the bathroom sink
Photo via Canadian Tire

If you have a lot of personal care products, you know how quickly a clear bathroom counter can become a cluttered, stress-inducing dumping ground. To contain and organize bottles and jars, we recommend using clear all purpose bins like this one by The Home Edit by iDESIGN. These stackable bins come in varying sizes to fit all your products while taking up as little usable space as possible. They look great on shelves or you can tuck them under the counter for a more streamlined look.

One of the biggest trends in home storage this year is to maximize every single inch of your home — even ones you might not think about. All that open space under your sink can be a waste of storage space but you can resolve that by adding an organizer. The type A Alpha Under-Sink Organizer features adjustable shelving that allows you to store a lot more and keep your cleaning, or personal care, supplies organized while keeping countertops clean and minimalist.

For the bedroom

Photo via Canadian Tire
Photo via Canadian Tire

The bedroom is where you expect to retire to at night and really unwind, which is why it’s especially important to reduce any anxiety-inducing clutter. One of the main clutter culprits in the bedroom is excess clothing, especially as we transition our winter wardrobes into spring. We often have so much and nowhere to store it all.

If you’ve run out of closet space, type A Clarity Under-Bed Containers are great for storing seasonal clothing without taking up any additional space.

A fun and utilitarian way to store clothing is on a decorative garment rack — a decor trick that stylists and fashionistas have been loving lately. Hang your favourite pieces on the rack to make it easily accessible and less prone to wrinkles. The type A Engrained Garment Rack will make the perfect addition to any modern, minimalist bedroom.

For the laundry room

Photo of an organized laundry room
Photo via Canadian Tire

The more organized your laundry space is, the less time you spend on this chore, especially if everything you need is easily accessible and within reach.

This type A Over-the-Door Iron Caddy moves the ironing tools out of the cleaning area, clearing up valuable shelf space for detergents, and saves space by moving the ironing board out of the way.

As for organization, the For Living 3-Door Wall Cabinet gives you enough room for all your laundry necessities like detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, and more, while keeping them safely out of reach of children and pets. The cabinet also features a metal rod you can use to hang shirts and blouses while you fold the foldables!

For the garage or basement

Photo of an organized garage
Photo via Canadian Tire

Many people use their garage or basement as a dumping ground for excess items, which means that over time, it can become overwhelming and impossible to locate anything.

We always recommend using clear plastic storage totes so you can see what’s inside without opening and rummaging through every bin. It’s always a good idea to organize items in your tote so you can maximize the space and be able to locate items with ease.

For larger items like blankets and winter gear, we recommend the type A Clear Tote, 72-L. Smaller items like clothing, books and art supplies can be stored in the Sterilite ClearView Tote with Latch, 14-L. You can use a storage rack to stack the totes on. This way if you need an item from the tote on the bottom, you won’t have to move everything over to reach it! We promise you’ll never experience the frustration of a lost item you swore you stored away again.

For all your gadgets and tools, the best thing you can do is invest in a workbench like the Maximum Heavy-Duty Workbench. It’s the best way to keep everything in place and within reach. Tool chest sets like the Mastercraft 6-Drawer Chest and the Mastercraft 7-Drawer Cabinet can keep all your smaller nuts and bolts neatly organized.

As for things that you want to keep out of sight or for items that are too big to fit anywhere else, the Mastercraft Tall & Wide Cabinet can come in handy. It features 3 adjustable shelves and the bottom one holds up to 400 lbs.

We also suggest being strategic with where you store your items. Switching things up seasonally is a task that, while it will take you a bit of time every few months, will save you stress and annoyance when you can’t find a seasonal item you know you need for spring. To do this, work on a rotating plan, keeping the current season’s items near the front of your storage, and moving last season’s to the back. No more digging through your Christmas lights to find your patio furniture!

Spring is finally here! Canadian Tire and Yahoo Canada are helping Canadians make the most of the season, with lawncare advice, BBQ inspiration and spring cleaning checklists. Click here for more!