Suan vows to continue Sitoy-Cho’s ongoing projects

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INCOMING Cordova mayor Cesar “Didoy” Suan has vowed to continue all the ongoing projects of outgoing Mayor Mary Therese “Teche” Sitoy-Cho during his term.

Suan, an incumbent first councilor in the town of Cordova, has defeated Sitoy-Cho in the May 9 elections, as he secured 21,222 votes compared to the latter’s 17,052 votes.

Suan said that under his administration, he will push for the completion of all the pending projects that Sitoy-Cho have initiated, as well as the projects of the previous administrations.

“Wala’y projects nga atong hunungon or putlon as long as makapaayo sa lungsod sa Cordova whether kinsa ang nagsugod, ato na siyang padayunon,” said Suan in an interview in Thursday, June 23, 2022.

The incoming mayor emphasized that they are ready for the transition, but they are still waiting for the decision of Sitoy-Cho concerning the final date.

When asked if he requested for certain documents, Suan said it should be the regular documents that need to be turned over for proper transition.

Suan also promised to retain all the departments heads currently working under Sitoy-Cho’s administration, although he stressed that they are still subject to evaluation.

Sitoy-Cho’s camp earlier filed a motion for disqualification against Suan before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) central office.

A week after the elections, Sitoy-Cho said her camp would also file an election protest against the Comelec officials, barangay captains, tanods (watchmen), barangay health workers and teachers who were reportedly involved in the election irregularities that led to the defeat of the majority of her slate.

She said more than 100 people had witnessed the irregularities that included vote buying, individuals voting more than once, unregistered voters voting, and the existence of pre-shaded ballots.

Suan earlier denied the allegations hurled against him, saying he became municipal councilor for the past 15 years without buying any vote, and he believed that the Cordovahanons did not want to sell their votes but only wanted a change in the leadership of the town, which has been ruled by the Sitoys for almost 50 years.

As of June 23, Suan said he did not receive any information concerning the disqualification case nor about the electoral protest coming from the Comelec.

The mayor-elect, however, reiterated he would welcome the allegations hurled against him.

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