Suarez-Orendain: Being positive

Leticia Suarez-Orendain
·2 min read

I’ve been thinking about how we have been coping with the pandemic. It’s been over a year since we have been moving around our personal “bubble” or “Anti-corona Bubble.” This is a take off from the government’s new term for, ah, quarantine of sorts, The Bubble. My sister Thelma calls it “Bubble Bahay” and my friend Rosse G., “Bubble Tea-rona 19.”

We have been coping positively well with humor, although being positive these days has a negative import.

When it comes to illness, no one wants to be positive. Negative is the verdict we want to hear. But on social media, we want to read about positive views and encouraging words.

The world is so sick at the moment, having to deal with Covid-19 and its equally evil siblings, so let’s not add to the burden that the pandemic has caused.

There are ways we can live in a positive way.

ONLINE LIFE. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on our work, freedom of movement, and leisure. However, thousands have decided to fight back by using social media positively.

Doctors now accept online consultations which is a big help. People who have lost their jobs due to layoffs or closure of their own physical stores have resorted to an online version of their business.

And if you watch the news or entertainment shows, you must have at least heard of one person who ventured into online business even if he or she had no previous experience in baking or selling garments.

Fighting back is the key phrase. Holding on to that golden key is my friend Rosse who offers tutorial classes online. “The pandemic has inadvertently widened my reach,” she said. “My work today has taken me beyond my village. Online work has turned a negative spot in life into a positive point.”

ONLINE TIME KILLERS. There are people who have resorted to time killers, playing mobile games and following YouTube content owners who focus on music, mystery, trivia, mukbangs, competitive eating, food travelogue and entertainment.

Some of my friends spend a few hours playing Mobile Legends and Minecraft. Out of curiosity, I surfed the Net and fished out of that Minecraft has 91M gamers, followed by (tied at the spot) Player Unknowns Battle Grounds and Apex Legends at 50M. Lords Mobile is on

Hey, let’s not start World War III to settle the score on who’s on top.

ME TIME. I played these apps, but settled on LOL kiddy shoot-3 easy peasy bits, word games, Harry Potter and Tropic Escape. I’m a loser in life. Why lose in games? I’m now into The Try Guys. And, oh boy, am I LMHO with this witty quadro. They help ease pain.