Suarez-Orendain: Consider the virus

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Are you weary of this pandemic? Count me in. Many days I am hopeful. On some days, I have a sense of defeat. It is going to be a long vigil.

This then stumps me why there is a Virus Appreciation Day. Google as hard as I could, nothing came up as to who started this non-holiday or when it kicked off. There is even nothing about what type of virus we are to appreciate.

BEGINNING. All I learned is that it is celebrated every Oct. 3. So how are we to appreciate viruses, particularly Covid-19? I couldn’t find tips on how to appreciate this microscopic enemy or how to celebrate the day.

APPRECIATION. Do we welcome the virus with a musical band composed of weary medical workers? Appreciation does not mean loving something. In its full essence it means understanding the full implication of something. Maybe one way we can appreciate viruses is to go to reliable sources for information on it to dispel ignorance.

PRE-DATES MANKIND. An article from Nautilus said they existed from the genesis of biological time. How do we apply in life? Everything has a beginning, as the virus teaches us. As such, we need to watch changes in the lives of our loved ones. When did this jolly loved one begin to withdraw from activities he or she once enjoyed? What could be the root cause and how can those around him or her help?

COOPERATIVE. noted that viruses need a host to replicate itself. While it is a negative cooperative event—the defenseless host has no choice but to let the virus hijack it—we can learn about its “social cooperation.”

We can take this cooperation a step farther: Get vaccinated and carefully follow health protocols.

SMALL MACHINE OF LIFE. A virus is measured by the nanometer (nm), according to news-medical net. It is 50nm to 140nm in diameter, and nine to 12nm in length. It is smaller than a bacteria but it is productive. Do not let its size fool you; it is a machine of life.

To appreciate the virus, let us reexamine ourselves. Many a-time we may have felt small or insignificant. But look at the potentials you have to influence in a positive way.

MINIMALIST. A virus is neither dead nor alive. It is a minimalist with only DNA or RNA to get by. Its genes carry instructions to hijack the host.

Consider the virus. Be a minimalist. What is overloading you? What do you need to get by to live with joy?

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