Suarez-Orendain: Easy as ABC

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I bumped into a public school teacher last week. From our chat, I learned school opening will not be in June but in September, and most probably September from here on. With monkeypox climbing the pole of our fear indicator, and Covid-19 variants flying around I hope all will go well with the face-to-face transition to regular classes. With June probably going to retire at the start of the school year, I decided to give her back a few lessons I learned along the way of my sometimes rocky road to life and sometimes smooth going.

ABC. What an obvious choice to share: the ABCs I learned along the way that helped me in life, and hope can also help students prepare for life and for work.

A - Acquire skills that you can transfer to another aspect in your life. I learned to make origami figures in my early 20s. Little did I know I would be able to use this skill for the kindergarten class I was teaching in the 1990s. Origami baskets, flapping birds, storks and leaping frogs delighted my students and supported their desire to learn new words. This is of course a simple illustration of what you can do with skills. Parents of young children can also help uncover talents.

D - Dedicate yourself to learning Philippine history. We live in an age where resources are just a click away. However, search and read reliable sources only. There are libraries that have stored hard copies of newspapers, magazines and books to read, the truth staring at you in black and white. It is not an excuse to say you were not yet born during the Martial Law years which is why you have no idea as to what had really happened under former president Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

F - Develop faith in God early in life. Work without faith is dead because it is centered on self. Faith without work is also dead because it does not show love at work. How do we join them together? Key word: focus. The focus of faith and work is ultimately the Lord. Faith is not opium to dull the pain of daily living or magic to summon deus ex machina. It is a muscle we can train to do things with God as focus making faith and work turn like clockwork.

G - Good manners and right conduct or GMRC of Ye Olde School that taught school children to obey their elders, respect others, to consider the need of others to sound sleep by not playing outside even as late as 8 p.m. I have to stop now. This is all the space I have.

Do make ABCs of your own to guide you and your loved ones.

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