Suarez-Orendain: To forget

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Did you ever experience entering a room and forgetting why you walked into that room?

You have this uncanny feeling that something important is waiting for you inside but you don’t know what it is and why you went in there in the first place.

It is called forgetting. You probably needed to get your handbag or reading glasses but as soon as you entered that portal, your purpose vanished.

An open door is a mouth that feeds on intentions. As soon as you step into that other realm, there is an interruption in the order of your present life.

This is a convoluted explanation about one of life’s mysteries. Again, simply put, we forget. Maybe we can put it this way: We are too busy with work to the point it covers other aspects in our life that also need our attention.

A handy excuse for this is “I Forgot Day” on July 2.

Before I enter another portal, writing being a door into the world, and forget, we need to thank Gaye Anderson for kicking off the holiday to create meaning to and use for forgetfulness. The celebration does not address Alzheimer’s disease, rather it speaks of ordinary forgetfulness.

According to a 2009 ABC News interview with Gaye, she run into a tough period in her life. She had a difficult time remembering things. At that time she was doing student service work as student adviser and also teaching.

Instead of getting disheartened, Gaye, an Indiana, USA, resident created this unofficial holiday. She said she uses this day to relax and allow herself to forget. The holiday, however, is beyond skin deep.

REAL USE. Gaye said it is not only a day for events you have forgotten. It is useful as a bookmark for occasions you feel you might neglect again in the future.

APPRECIATE. “I Forgot Day” is a good reason to make amends “in celebration of the day.” How do we celebrate? On a day when we enter the Portal of Remembrance, we realize how much we have forgotten to appreciate the presence or good works of our loved ones, friends and public servants. Thank the people who helped you and the community. Spread good words about them or correct wrong information.

You can also send a greeting or food delivery gift to someone whose milestone you forgot last week!

ENCOURAGE. Don’t forget to encourage someone struggling. Even in this pandemic, you can stay with them through electronic means.

PRAYER. Whatever the faith path you follow, take time to pray. It is time well spent alone to recharge with the Lord.

FORGIVE yourself for past mistakes. Forget bitterness by entering the Portal of Remembrance: You have value in God’s eyes.

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