Suarez-Orendain: Making zombies

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DARKNESS and situations relating to the unknown intrigue man.

Two to three weeks before Halloween in October and All Souls’ Day in November, the media becomes busy gathering materials on horror-movie worthy experiences from people who had contact with the scary and mysterious.

That being said, let me talk about zombies and how we create them. Zombies move slowly and walk in a linear path. We can escape them, if we want.

Zombies (singular, zombie) trace their roots in Haitian folklore. The word is from the Haitian French “zombi,” and Haitian Creole “zonbi.”

In the original concept, a zombie is a dead being who comes back to life through black magic. After, Hollywood depicted them as the living becoming the undead through bites from sick carriers, radiation, germs and laboratory experiments gone wrong.

So what are the other ways we create zombies? Zombies can’t let go of the fact that they are no longer part of the living, and yet almost every day we create them.

UNFORGIVENESS is a zombie that follows us well into old age. Maybe we made mistakes that still haunt us, or someone hurt us to the bone and can’t forgive.

Aim for the brain of this zombie. Accept the fact that you erred and force yourself to learn from it. Talk to a trusted friend to help deal with this negative emotion. An abusive relationship must be handled differently with the help of proper agencies that have the right tools to deal with the zombie.

ANGER is a zombie that enjoys being reanimated by pride, frustration, impatience, stress, mental disease, and a whole genre of negativity.

In short, anger is a tough enemy to defeat. So are we helpless in its presence? No, not at all. says we may have anger issues if we are often angry, our anger hurts or affects our relationships, or we are becoming verbally or physically abusive.

To disarm this zombie, Healthline suggests we learn relaxation techniques, seek support groups, or take anger management classes.

We need to learn who this zombie is or why we act the way we do. By doing so, we can find out what triggers us and how to react without anger.

For lack of space, I can’t discuss other life zombies. But let me ask you: What is your personal zombie?

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