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What are the things you struggle with in life?

My friend Rosse G said, “Getting up in the morning, especially Mondays, the start of my work week.”

“That’s valid,” I replied. “I’m not a morning person, so I know your struggle isn’t imagined. That’s why we have alarm clocks.”

Amy, a freshman college student this coming school year, said, “I remember before the Covid-19 years, I had a tough time waking up at 5 a.m. to get ready for my 7 a.m. Grade 12 classes. My ‘alarm clock’ would have to nudge me several times before I would respond to my mom. Then on weekends, I always woke up at 5 a.m.”

Another friend, Donna, said her struggle is how to keep her life streamlined. Gwenie, another friend, agreed that life gets so entangled with the vines of non-essential things but it is so difficult to get free from them.

Clutter can contribute to stress. A work space walled by stacks of books, manuscripts, coffee mugs, and dried up orange peels could hamper your feature you are trying to write.

In my active years as a writer, I used to clear my desk before I got to work.

It simplified my path to meeting the deadline.

This is the premise of National Simplify Your Life Week, which is held during the first week of August. According to National Today, the celebration benefits the mind, body and soul. The whole week allows the person to slacken a bit from his or her stressful goals. The week can be spent resting the mind by sleeping early or spending time to laugh with loved ones. Another benefit is it encourages efficiency, such as decluttering your work desk, as I mentioned earlier. Remove things that distract or are not of use. Another benefit is it promotes a positive vibe.

For this cramped space of mine, here is how to simplify your life, and let me take the simple path.

Our starter kit at No. 1 clears the clutter from your mind by doing some “me time.” It can be something as mundane as lying down when you get home from work or meditating or sipping a latte at your favorite cafe by your lonesome. Doing things you love (read: legal) will help clear the clutter from your mind.

No. 2 is clearing your space, be it at the office, cramped boarding house room or shared room with siblings. Throw away, sell or donate anything you have not used for a year, and be brutal about this.

No. 3 is return to Mother Nature. Sit in your garden or by the door to watch the clouds go by, not your neighbors. Take short walks or have spartan meals.

No. 4 have a social media vacation by taking two-hour breaks or meeting friends in person.

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