Suarez-Orendain: Symbols to live by

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My friend Rosse G and I discussed how we would celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

“The get-together will be more restrained considering how many people are suffering under the Covid-19 pandemic,” Rosse said.

I told her the focus in our family get-together this year will be more on being thankful we have food (I’m jobless but God has sent people who help me in times of great need), home security, and relatively good health.

Rosse said this is where the symbols of Christmas come in. She said there are several interpretations to the symbols of Christ.

Food is one symbol of Christmas, Rosse said, as represented by the shepherds since they raise farm animals.

Another symbol Rosse mentioned was the star. For her it means hope. I added: Hope and following the light of Jesus.

Even in this pandemic, we can gaze up to Jesus, the Light of the World. He provides not just for our physical needs but also needs of the heart and mind. Do not give up.

To those who do not believe in Him, I am sure they must also have personal stars they can look up to for encouragement. Whatever it is, the star has to have eternal value. We are but sojourners of this world, a stopover before the final destination to infinity where matter does not matter—pun intended—because it is the spirit that goes there.

I am getting into theology and science, which are not the intentions of this small column. I do hope this will serve as a catalyst for you to think about eternity this Christmas.

One missing symbol is the cross of Christ’s messiahship.

It is missing because it is a future event in His life. Once He accepted His involvement with human affairs, He consigned Himself to be the sacrificial lamb of God to save mankind from damnation.

Understanding this detail among the joyful symbols of Christmas makes me appreciate what I have now with an eye to my final life on Earth.

I am jobless, struggling financially, keeping chronic illness at bay, and taking care of my husband who also has health issues. Even then, I sense God is with me, sustaining me.

At this dark hour, the star is indeed a perfect symbol to urge us to continue encouraging others, and doing good to our family not for our glory but for His glory.

After the Absent Cross at Christmas, the star is my favorite. They hold my core beliefs. What’s yours?

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