How to successfully host a virtual party

Rachel Arandilla
·2 min read

UNLIKE in the United States, Thanksgiving is not much of a big deal in the Philippines. So I was beyond thrilled when I received a “Friendsgiving” invite from BPI to hold a little virtual get-together and “e-numan session” with friends from the media.

I did not know what to expect from a “virtual party” because most of my Zoom engagements the past few months have been pretty serious talks, seminars and meetings. How can you make Zoom fun? But surprisingly, we had a blast!

Christmas is right around the corner and Covid-19 is still far from gone, so many of us will probably have our Christmas and corporate parties virtually. If you are hosting or attending a party soon, here are some tips on how to make it fun, interactive and festive.

Come prepared

Don’t be late and come prepared. There’s no more traffic to blame for being late, so come prepared one hour before the party with your technical crew. Start on time. Play some Christmas music and get that Jose Mari Chan vibe going prior to starting the party. Change your background to a Christmas theme.

Games and entertainment

Hire the right lively host, entertainment, technical crew, and of course—the food and logistics. And of course, let’s not forget the games and festivities—and bring in the fun and healthy competition!

Food, drink and logistics

Hosting and preparing a virtual party is in some ways easier, and in some ways harder—one of them would be thinking about food, drink and how to serve them to guests logistically. Get the guests’ addresses and deal with a food provider and courier to ensure everyone gets their meals before the party.

Bring in the karaoke!

It’s not a Filipino party without karaoke. So have virtual karaoke at the party. Get the professional singers to lead the singing and to help break the ice. Choose songs that are crowd favorites and which everyone can sing along to (or quietly, on mute mode). Once the ball gets rolling, guests could then request their preferred songs.

Nothing may replace the real and physical interaction, but health safety is more important. Once you come prepared and well organized, virtual parties are just as fun and unforgettable! May the festivities begin. Merry Christmas!