SUD finally comes to Cebu

Music is a universal language that truly speaks to the heart regardless of culture and language. Musicians can make magic from scratch, and the process of doing so is something that only few can understand and comprehend.

As author Mitch Albom wrote: “Everyone joins a band in this life. And what you play always affects someone. Sometimes, it affects the world.”

SUD is one of the many Filipino bands that have created that kind of magic and touched the lives of countless people who cry, yearn, break down, and become happy with the songs they make.

Since 2011, the band has been together, but they initially started by performing covers and going from one gig to another. Eventually, they decided to write and produce their own songs.

“We wanted something that was of our own, so we moved on from performing covers and started writing our own music,” explained Sud Ballecero, the band’s main vocalist.

Songs such as “Sila” and “Baliw,” from the band’s debut album entitled “Skins,” became instant crowd favorites, and propelled the group to become one of the most well-known OPM (Original Pinoy Music) bands of today. In 2021, the band released its sophomore album entitled, “Dumaloy” and performed for the first time in Cebu.

SUD is an indie/rock jazz fusion band, but it doesn’t box themselves to a particular sound as it is very experimental with its music, and doesn’t lean to a particular genre. “We don’t really sit down and say, ‘this is what it’s going to sound like’, and for some reason it happens that way,” said Carlos de la Fuente, the band’s saxophonist.

“Each member has their own influences,” Carlos continued, “and our music is basically a melting pot of our influences.”

SUD is one of the many artists that are part of a time when OPM has now gained more traction than ever before. With today’s generation appreciating OPM more, this gives way for more local artists to flourish and allow for OPM to grow and thrive.

Upon being asked about the direction that OPM is now taking and if they are happy with it, they excitedly agreed.

“There are so many young Filipino artists that are coming out right now, and with this new growing love for OPM it really paves the way for more artists to create and release more songs,” Ballecero said.

With so many artists emerging today, SUD was asked who their favorite artists are. Sud Ballecero answered almost immediately, saying: “Zack Tabudlo is very solid. He may still be very young, but his music is really good.”

Despite the numerous milestones the band has achieved, they still very much have their hearts set in creating music that is honest and will resonate with their listeners.

“We want to write songs that we think are honest,” said Sud Ballecero. SUD’s drummer, Jimbo Cuenco added: “We don’t consider ourselves as hitmakers. We simply put out songs and they eventually become hits, but it is not an immediate thing.”

SUD is a prime example of what Filipino artists can contribute to the world as well as bringing pride to the country. The authenticity of its music is a reminder of how much music can speak to everyone individually and collectively in its own magical way.