Suicide attack in Afghan city of Khost kills 8 children

An Afghan policeman walks past the site of a bomb attack in Khost on October 1, 2012. A suicide blast in Khost on Saturday killed eight children and one policeman

A suicide attack in eastern Afghanistan killed eight children and one policeman, officials said, adding the target of the strike was Afghan and international forces.

"A suicide attacker blew up his explosives on a road beside a joint patrol of Afghan police and international forces in the city of Khost," the provincial governor of Khost said in a statement.

Police said that the officer had died when he grabbed the attacker.

"A suicide attacker wanted to target a joint patrol in Khost city, but he was identified and grabbed by a policeman," Sardar, the head of Khost rapid reaction police unit, who only uses one name, told AFP.

"The attacker detonated himself killing the policeman and eight children. Two children were also wounded."