Summer Getaways

THE Philippines has some of the finest beaches in the world for a start. And when we go north, we can see whole mountain ranges carved into gigantic stairways indelible monuments to the tribes who cultivated rice on the terraces thousands of years ago.

When we go south to the islands of Sulu, we hear the chants of Muslims sea-gypsies who live by gathering pearls from the sea bed.

If you are an adventurous person, you can choose between exploring underwater caves, scaling a live volcano, shooting the rapids in a dugout canoe or hunting wild boar through virgin forest.

If you are a naturalist, you’ll want to see some of the world’s smallest fish, hunt the most beautiful sea shells and revel in the richest display of flowering plants and fern in the Orient.

Perhaps if you’re lucky, you can even spot the rare monkey-eating eagle, the largest in the world.

And if you’re fascinated by ancient customs and traditions, pageantry, folk music and dance and native arts and crafts, you’ll find yourself with a full schedule.