Summer heat and campaign overfatigue down JV Ejercito

Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

The son of former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada can no longer take the “heat” of the upcoming polls.
But San Juan City Rep. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito clarified it’s the humidity of the season and not the intensity of their rivalry against administration bets that put him down this week.
Ejercito, who is running for Senate under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), confirmed not being able to join UNA’s out-of-town rallies after suffering from heat stroke.
The San Juan lawmaker added he got confined Monday at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center due to heat stroke and overfatigue after more than a month of going around the country.

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"I hope to bounce back soon. Need to get well for the last stretch! Bawal na magkasakit!" Ejercito posted on his Twitter account.
His camp said the senatorial candidate has been down with high fever since Saturday when UNA visited Vigan and other areas in the Ilocos region.
But this did not stop the son of former President Estrada to from hitting President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III's allies in Team Pnoy.
He said UNA's nine senatorial candidates and stalwarts have been tirelessly campaigning in the provinces amid the blazing summer heat.
"Grabe na nga ang kulay namin! Todo kayod at suyod kasi. Hindi tulad ng mga administration candidates, ang puputi pa! Sagana kasi sa ads kaya wala nang suyod!" he said in a statement.
Ejercito hopes his condition will improve by Thursday so he could join the last leg of UNA's campaign trail.
The young lawmaker vowed to make the most of the time left to campaign in vote-rich cities and provinces.