Sunpride Foods Inc. opens 6th branch in Cebu

BRING in the new year and fill your tables with some of the most scrumptious meals for your friends and family. It is essential that you choose a brand that your family trusts.

For the past 50 years, Sunpride Foods Inc. has been one of the most trusted food brands in the country. It has served the Filipinos by offering high-quality meat and canned goods.

Sunpride has strived to widen its reach across the country and Cebu is the location of one of its latest expansions. It opened its sixth branch in Cebu City on Dec. 17, 2022, along V. Rama Ave., beside Cranberry Hotel.

Operations retail team leader Enalie Lucero shared that the company is excited to have expanded all over Cebu. It looks forward to expanding further in the years to come: “We plan to open more branches and we hope to open one branch annually, if possible,” Lucero said. “Instead of customers coming to us to get our products, we are reaching out to them.”

Having been at the top of its game for the past 50 years, Lucero shared how unique and special Sunpride is; it doesn’t just provide goods that have excellent quality because it also offers a wide variety of products: “We offer variations of our canned goods and distribute them ourselves around Cebu,” Lucero explained. Other than its selection of canned goods, Sunpride also offers frozen and fresh meat.

From premium quality meat to canned goods, Sunpride is one of the providers of goods that are delicious; meant for the whole family to enjoy. Beyond the holidays, you can celebrate small and big wins with your families and friends because Sunpride will always be there to provide you with the necessary ingredients to make the celebration even more meaningful.

Make your meals extra special with Sunpride and gather your family and friends as you celebrate the upcoming new year.