SunStar Cebu, Primary Homes team up for ‘Best of Cebu 2021’

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MAJOR real estate developer Primary Homes Inc. is partnering with SunStar Cebu in the annual Best of Cebu to provide Cebuanos with the most credible and trusted brands of goods and services they rightfully deserve.

Primary Homes Inc., the reliable partner and the premier developer of subdivisions, condominiums and other residential projects in Central Visayas, collaborated with SunStar Cebu in a mutual pursuit of excellence in the Best of Cebu 2021.

“No matter how hard the times are, SunStar and PrimaryHomes intend to deliver on our promise of providing great quality to our consumers,” said Michelle Cutang, marketing manager of PrimaryHomes.

“As proud ‘bisdaks,’ we know very well how Cebuanos are as a market—discerning and value-for-money market. Being a brand that has positioned itself as a reliable partner, Primary Homes is proud to be partnering with SunStar for this year’s edition of the Best of Cebu,” said Cutang.

Despite the pandemic, both Primary Homes and SunStar Cebu have consistently served the Cebuano people in terms of real estate development and news, respectively.

“It’s really supporting the community in whatever way we can. There are a lot of brands here that share the same passion with us in terms of providing good quality products and services. With the Best of Cebu, we want to support these brands and at the same time, give the best value to the Cebuano market,” she said.

Logane Echavez, SunStar Cebu’s sales and marketing head, said PrimaryHomes is one of the Cebuano brands that resonated with SunStar’s values in terms of public service.

“It is a Cebuano brand, and we want to partner with entities that are really credible in the industry. So with Primary Homes being the reliable partner in building homes, SunStar would want to be associated with brands like it whose thrust also is to serve the community we are in,” said Echavez.

“Most Best of Cebu winners are also present in some areas where Primary Homes developments are,” she said.

Echavez emphasized the credibility of SunStar Cebu, being Cebu’s multi-awarded leading daily newspaper that also has the largest readership and the larger advertising share.

“Primary Homes wants to partner with a credible brand like SunStar which has the same purpose in offering what is the best for the Cebuanos,” she said. (SPONSORED CONTENT)

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