Supernatural shows headline Viu's Q2 K-drama offerings

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Doom At Your Service
Doom At Your Service

SINGAPORE — Streaming service Viu has announced its line-up of new content for the second quarter of 2021: K-drama fans can expect sequels to hit dramas like The Penthouse 3 and Voice 4, as well as new titles like Doom At Your Service, Sell Your Haunted House and Devil's Judgement.

Adding to the offerings is Chinese period drama The Long Ballad and the latest season of global hit franchise My Hero Academia for salivating otakus.

Romance drama Doom At Your Service is Viu's second Korean Viu Original series, which will be released in May. It revolves around the life of misanthrope Dong Kyung, a web novel editor diagnosed with brain cancer, who hurls vitriol at her unfortunate life and curses at everything to disappear.

She inadvertently summons Myul Mang, who serves as a messenger between humankind and the divine. Like a genie, Myul Mang unexpectedly offers to grant her wishes, to which she makes a contract with him for 100 days to live her life in gratuitous excess.

Dong Kyung is portrayed by A-list actress Park Bo Young (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon). Myul Mang is played by singer-turned-actor Seo In Gook, who reunites with fellow cast member Lee Sook Hyuk after both starred in High School King Of Savvy and upcoming movie Pipeline.

Authored by the same scriptwriter behind fantasy drama The Beauty Inside, Doom At Your Service is directed by Kwon Young Il, who has also directed well-known titles such as Suits, My Unfamiliar Family and Search WWW.

Sell Your Haunted House
Sell Your Haunted House

Dropping first on Viu, Sell Your Haunted House is a supernatural drama that follows the beautiful and intelligent real estate agency owner Hong Ji Ah, who possesses the unique ability to see and exorcise spirits. As a result, her agency is able to focus on a niche of haunted properties and acquires them to flip for a profit.

Ji Ah encounters the quick-witted con-artist Oh In Bum, who resolutely refuses to believe in the existence of ghosts, but takes advantage of others' beliefs in ghosts to scam them. Hong Ji Ah is played by veteran actress Jang Na Ra (Couple On The Backtrack, An Empress’ Dignity, V.I.P.).

Directed by Park Jin Suk (School 2017), the series also stars lead singer of K-pop boy band CNBLUE, Jung Yong Hwa, who was recently discharged from the military in 2019 and ready to thrill fans with his acting prowess.

Topping South Korea's ratings consecutively is the internationally acclaimed drama series The Penthouse, which will be debuting its third season in June, and will be available on Viu. Season three will continue its dramatic journey of three women fuelled by revenge, greed and desire, in their fight for the symbolic penthouse in Hera Palace.

Voice 4 returns for a fourth season as well in June, following the Golden Time team as they are assigned to Jeju Island this time, to solve urgent, real time incidents through phone calls from an emergency service line. New to the cast are actor Song Seung Heon (The Player, Black, Obsessed) as an LAPD unit leader and Lee Ha Na as a PTSD stricken charismatic director of the Crime Report Center, having lost two partners in previous missions.

Devil's Judgement is a legal drama which focuses on a chief judge who ironically does not believe in judgement, instead making rulings that pander to public opinion, until an assistant judge begins to question his motives and steps in to reveal the truth. The cast features Ji Sung (Dr. John, Kill Me Heal Me, Innocent Defendant), Park Gyu Young, and Jin Young of the K-pop group GOT7.

Now showing on Viu in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia is Chinese drama The Long Ballad with China's A-list actress Dilraba Dimurat, who plays Li Chang Ge, a princess whose family was brutally killed in a coup.

Directed by Chu Yui Bun (Eternal Love Of Dream, Ashes Of Love) and adapted from a popular Chinese comic of the same name, Princess Li assumes the guise of a man and becomes a captain after enlisting into the army, in order to get her revenge on the new emperor.

However, Ashile Sun of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate captures her and reveals her true identity, forcing her to act as the Khaganate's military strategist. Amidst the warring Royal Empire and ambitious tribes, will their romance be able to blossom in spite of the cut-throat schemes and politicking?

Come April, four Japanese anime titles will be made available in Viu, such as The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: The Slime Diaries, a spin-off from the original anime The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, along with other titles like I've Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, a gag-comedy isekai title, a zombified portrayals of idols in Zombie Land Saga Revenge, and season five of the beloved shonen anime My Hero Academia.

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