'Survivor: One World' Airs On GMA News TV

The original and biggest reality show in the world is now in the Philippines' leading news channel, GMA News TV, as it airs the intriguing 24th season of Survivor beginning Aug 8 at 4 p.m.

Hosted by Jeff Probst, "Survivor: One World" was filmed in the breathtaking island of Upolu in Samoa which was also the film location for "Survivor: Amazon," "Survivor: Vanuatu" and "Survivor: Panama."

Airing Wednesdays and Fridays on GMA News TV, "Survivor: One World" is set to unveil exciting twists and adventure with its 18 castaways trying to outwit, outplay and outlast each other.

Vying to become the newest winner of Survivor are Alicia Rosa, Bill Posley, Chelsea Meissner, Christina Cha, Colton Cumbie, Greg Smith, Jay Byars, Jonas Otsuji, Kat Edorsson, Kim Spradlin, Kourtney Moon, Leif Manson, Matt Quinlan, Michael Jefferson, Monica Culpepper, Nina Acosta, Sabrina Thompson, and Troy Robertson.

With the castaways being initially divided into two tribes based on gender and with significant twists expected to happen in the new season, find out what makes this season further interesting.