Suzuki Celerio: Gets the job done and more

Christian B. Quilo

DON’T let its size fool you. The Suzuki Celerio may be compact but it’s certainly heavy on features and big on value for money.

Affordable and practical, this vehicle makes for a perfect set of wheels to get you around the city but it’s also equipped for adventures beyond the metro’s thoroughfares—it’s a strong contender in looks and performance.

Sleek lines that run along the vehicle’s exterior create a sharp, sporty look. But more than just for aesthetics, this detail also contributes to improved aerodynamics.

The Celerio is equipped with a K10B 1.0L gas engine with either Continuously Variable Transmission or five-speed Manual Transmission, both offering fuel efficiency with performance and acceleration.

Little adjustments in the Celerio make all the difference for the driver’s experience: easy-to-read meters, elevated seating, high-mounted shift lever and ample legroom make for a drive that’s smooth and hassle-free. There’s also a seven-inch multimedia screen at the driver’s disposal.

At the back is 247 liters of luggage capacity to stow cargo for your weekend getaways. Should you need more space, the rear seats can be folded to expand luggage space. The tailgate has a wide opening, so loading and unloading of bags and whatnot should be a breeze.

Designed with Suzuki Total Effective Control Technology (TECT), the Celerio was built for optimum safety. The body itself is incredibly light yet impressively rigid, thanks to the use of high-tensile materials, enhancing protection in the event of a collision. It still comes with the standard airbags, of course.

Colors available for the Celerio are Pearl Snow White, Metallic Star Silver, Metallic Mineral Gray, Speedy Blue Metallic, Pearl Ablaze Red and Pearl Super Black.

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