Can’t decide what to eat? KTCHN21 to the rescue!

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CHOOSING what to eat for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner—and even the midnight grub—will always be fun and exciting. With an endless array of dishes from various cuisines, countries and cooking techniques, the possibilities are mouthwateringly endless.

One buzzkill however, is the mere act of deciding which dish to consume.

Luckily for Cebuanos, there is one “restaurant” in the City that curates different brands that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and all meals in between.

KTCHN21 is one of Cebu’s first cloud kitchens. Catering exclusively to take-outs and deliveries, each brand created by KTCHN21 offers restaurant-quality food at affordable prices.

“Our team created the business and launched our first brand in March of this year. We currently have five food brands. We are excited about the growth we’ve experienced so far and are continuously working on launching even more soon,” said Mika Caram, one of the owners of KTCHN21.

Creating KTCHN21 came about when the owners acknowledged the growing need for quality and affordable meals delivered straight to one’s doorstep.

“People were growing tired of having to cook each meal every day.” Mika added that because a lot more people are staying indoors because of the pandemic, “we wanted to make staying indoors a little easier and enjoyable with our food—hassle- and risk-free.”

As of writing, KTCHN21 has five brands namely, Rice Rice Baby, Lugen, Bao Haus, Drunken Noodles and Fat Papa’s.

Rice Rice Baby sells Asian-fusion rice toppings such as nasi goreng and fried chicken teriyaki. Lugen is the milk tea counterpart. For perfectly steamed buns packed with flavors and textures, Bao Haus is the go-to brand. Drunken Noodles, from the name itself, specializes in anything noodles. Lastly, Fat Papa’s serves delectable burgers and hotdog sandwiches.

Located behind The Forum Building on Archbishop Reyes Ave. in Cebu City, KTCHN21 is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Only take-outs and deliveries are accepted.

For orders, one can message the group on Facebook and Instagram (@KTCHN21) or through third-party delivery apps.

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