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I can’t stop talking about how good my butt looks in these Abercrombie jeans — and they're 20% off this weekend!

Like most people who buy and wear clothes (read: most people), I have a corner of my closet full of unworn and trendy clothes that I do not and will not ever feel confident in. Most are jeans that give me the dreaded, uncomfortable back waist gap. Poof! So much money and outfit potential wasted.

Lately, I've also been trying this trick to save money and buy clothes that actually fit my current body: If I don't feel like I'm both the comfiest and hottest person in the room while wearing the clothing, then I'm not buying. Fortunately for my credit score and my hip-to-waist ratio, this shopping hack has been successful.

My most recent comfy/hot clothing purchase is also the best. The Curve Love Ultra High Rise Flare Jeans from Abercrombie is the most magical pair of jeans I've ever worn. In fact, I'm now considering leaving this job to write Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fan fiction full time.

Curve Love Ultra High Rise Flare Jeans, $71.20 (Orig. $89)

$71.20 $89 at Abercrombie & Fitch

The Abercrombie Ultra High Rise Flare Jeans come in both Curve Love and straight sizing, plus a variety of washes. They also come in a Vintage Flare cut (in both Curve Love and straight sizing). However, when it comes to flare jeans, I say go big or go home.

The Abercrombie Curve Love fit features an additional 2 inches through the hip and thigh compared to the straight fit. Basically, these jeans are a godsend if you've ever been a victim of the dreaded waist gap. The fit hugs my thighs, hips and waist the way a pair of good jeans are supposed to.

Since I'm anything but low maintenance, I'm also a shortie with a long torso and short legs. Thankfully, the jeans came in four different lengths: extra short, short, regular and tall. For reference, I'm 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and the short length is the perfect inseam for me.

After trying on the jeans for approximately half a second, I knew these were never going back to the Abercrombie warehouse. You would have to pry them off of my cold, dead and incredible bum!

Not convinced yet? I'm so certain these jeans are magical that I made my boyfriend take the following photo of my butt to prove it. I didn't even attempt to find a better background or brush my hair. That is how much I believe in the power of butts while wearing these jeans.

Credit: Sarah Weldon
Credit: Sarah Weldon

In terms of sizing, online reviews of the Curve Love line suggest sizing down one size from your standard pant size, which was definitely the right call.

When it comes to feel, the jeans feature the brand's signature Stretch Denim fabric, which makes for the most stunning movement while on the go. Walking through the streets of New York City while wearing these jeans, heeled booties and a leather jacket while listening to Harry Styles? Unparalleled power.

Most importantly, you can sit down in the flare jeans and still function like a real person without being squeezed to death.

Here's a quick tip before I stop talking about my butt and you can freely shop for your own Abercrombie flare jeans. If you don't see your size in stock, Abercrombie consistently restocks their inventory!

Okay, we're done talking about my butt. Go forth and focus on yours!

Ultra High Rise Flare Jeans, $71.20 (Orig. $89)

$71.20 $89 at Abercrombie & Fitch

Curve Love Ultra High Rise Flare Jeans, $56.96 (Orig. $89)

$56.96 $89 at Abercrombie & Fitch

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