Can’t travel? Listen to the sounds of Philippine sights with DOT’s ASMR travel videos

As the Omicron surge threatens yet again our travel plans this year, the Department of Tourism (DOT) has launched a project that is set to cure travel bug bites — and soothe you while you’re at it.

The tourism bureau launched Saturday “ASMR Experience the Philippines,” a series of travel videos featuring various Philippine sights, while incorporating binaural sounds of the place for viewers “to tune into nature and be fully present in the moment.”

Short for autonomous sensory meridian response, ASMR is described as a “tingly feeling” that some experience when stimulated by certain sounds or sights.

The DOT’s first four videos will feature the Mountain Province in the Cordilleras, which chronicles the summit to Mt. Amuyao, beginning in the barangay (village) of Macalana in the town of Barlig.

Recorded using Ambisonics, the video series promises a “360-degree immersive sound video that would put the viewer right in the center of the action, letting them hear the vivid sounds of a gushing river, a trickle of water, and even thuds of footsteps.”

“The Department of Tourism invites you to go on an ambient sound trip and experience a destination through the distinct sounds that can be heard when all is quiet. When we travel, we go ‘sightseeing,’ but it is with our ears that we hear and sense things all around us,” the Department of Tourism wrote.

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