Tabal to use break to heal weary body

CEBU’S marathon queen Mary Joy Tabal will make use of the “unexpected break” to fully recover from her injuries, as all her international races got affected by the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic.

“Right now I’m running for maintenance. Working on strengthening and doing some cross training. I run but not for long because I don’t want to burn myself out,” said the 30-year-old Tabal.

Tabal had an Iliotibial band syndrome late in December last year and is still recovering from the injury she sustained a few days prior to the Milo Marathon Grand Finals.

Three international races in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Korea, all qualifying events for the 2020 Olympics, have been postponed or canceled, leaving Tabal with no choice but to rest. Despite the cancellation, Tabal sees a silver lining in this sudden twist of fate.

“It’s the perfect time for me to totally heal from my injury and recover 100 percent. I’m just enjoying the process and keeping myself healthy,” shared the sprinter-turned-marathon champion.

On the other hand, an iconic event for runners—the Boston Marathon, has been postponed with Covid-19 as the culprit. This is the first time in the 124-year history that the Boston Marathon will not be held as scheduled. The organizers are eyeing to move the event to September.

Though she’s not registered this year, Tabal said the cancelation of the Boston Marathon is definitely felt by the runners in the world.

“The cancelation is like pausing something that would be impossible to pause. Boston Marathon is the mother of all marathons,” said Tabal, who competed in the event in 2016. “But it’s for the safety of the runner and the public.” (RSC)