The tables have turned: Viral video shows girl ‘scolding’ mom for coming home late

Anyone with overprotective Filipino parents has experienced this. You’re out at a party and upon reaching for your phone, you see 20+ missed calls and 50+ text messages from your mom. But imagine this mom’s surprise when she unknowingly got a scolding from her daughter for coming home later than usual.

In a now-viral video, Janina Escutin can be heard (jokingly) scolding her mother Jocelyn while the latter was entering their house’s gate.

“I finally got my revenge. Where have you been Mama!???” she wrote in the tweet posted on Wednesday. “I imitated your tone of voice too hahaha love you.”

Janina told Coconuts Manila in a Facebook message that she caught her mom entering their home in Cainta, Rizal at 9:30pm on the same day she uploaded the video. She said that her mother usually gets home from work at 6pm, which is why she found it funny when her mother tried to carefully open the gate and make zero noise.

Ah, just like a teenager sneaking in. Sadly, it looks like her mother hadn’t gotten much training on this because Janina noticed her right away.

In the video, Janina says in Filipino: “What time is it, Jocelyn? How come you don’t know how to text [us]? Where have you been, Jocelyn?”

Oh, you brave, brave child.

“You don’t know how to tell us [where you’re going]? Good grief, I’m telling you! We’re here worried sick about you and you’re not texting, not even bothering to call us.”

Jocelyn shot back: “Darn it, I don’t have load (cellphone credits).”

Janina stopped recording after her mom told her to bring in the bag she was holding.

“I was copying the lines she uses when I get home late. After that, I showed her the video and then she just laughed too. We didn’t expect it to get many views,” Janina told Coconuts in Filipino.

The video has garnered over 686,000 views and 14,000 shares. Netizens found the video hilarious. One even tagged her mother, taunting she’ll do the same thing:

“I should do this to you, Ma,” wrote Facebook user Mariela Mae Rico Adonis.

Facebook user Alyssa Monterde said in Filipino: “When mom gets home late, IS THAT THE PROPER TIME A MOTHER SHOULD COME HOME?”

Francis Noel Monterde replied: “The revenge of a child to her mother.”

Facebook user Mitch Eustaquio laughed and said: “[She] got revenge.”

Henry Umbay Entero Jr. said he wanted to do this to his mother, but joked he might get slammed against the gate, and decided against it.

Anyone planning to do this to their mothers better do it with much love and caution — we all know how intense Filipino moms can get.

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